Mother's Day

Last night while I was standing in the shower I proceeded to tell James what I wanted to do for Mother's Day.  Here it is:

1- I want to go to the Mother's Day Brunch at either Elements or Hamiltons
2- I want a Cappuccino.  Actually a Caramel Machiato is what I think I'd like. I don't know for sure, but they look good:)

Now don't start to stress yet.  Keep reading.  That's all I requested, and the response I got was quite funny.  James just looked at me and started laughing hysterically.  Not just a courtesy laugh, but a big belly laugh, and a, "Well OK!"

So in all reality I know I won't get either of these requests.  First off it's the Sabbath and I won't be patronizing a restaurant on the Sabbath.  (They really should offer a Mother's Day brunch on Sat. night.  What's wrong with breakfast for dinner?  I would totally go if that was the case.)  And secondly, I don't drink coffee.  I like coffee candies, and I love coffee ice cream, but I don't drink the real stuff, but dang a Caramel Machiato just sounds delish!!  All that froth, and creaminess, and caramel swirls.  I'll just doctor up my Pero come Sunday morning.  Maybe I'll be a little scandalous and add real sugar for the special day instead of Splenda.  Or maybe I'll go all out and make a huge cup of ultra thick hot chocolate, and empty the can of spray cream on top:)  Sounds wonderful!

If you're in the mood for some Mother's Day food ideas, I'm posting pictures and links to what I think would be a perfect Mother's Day menu.  These are just my favorites, and if I lived in a perfect world, I'd have one of each of these this coming Sunday.  Happy Mother's Day to all you muthers!  I love my mom sooooo much and I think she's beautiful, kind, smart, a fabulous cooking teacher, the best witch doctor on the planet, and always so encouraging to me and my kids!  I love you mom!! And I will miss you for the next 17 days while you're away.   I may not live at home, but I still hate it when she's gone.  I also love James' mom and am soooo thankful she let me have her son. That's got to be hard to have 5 sons.   She is still so kind, and encouraging to all the "other women" in her son's lives.  Thanks for teaching James to be such a hard worker, and loving us!

Now go out and make something delicious!  Something that you love, since it's your day:)

Top to bottom and left to right:
Fruit Pizza, Granny's Famous Homemade Noodle Soup, Scones, Vietnames Spring Rolls, Joshy Bake

Pad Thai, Macaroons, Ceviche at Ceviche Dave's in Kona (Sorry no recipe.  I just love this stuff!) Susan's Mint Brownies, Winter Citrus Salad

Berry Shortcakes, Roasted Pear and Blue Cheese Pizza, Sour Cream Chicken, Sticky Finger Salad, Quick Homemade Naan and Chicken Tikka Masala


  1. Lisa I want the same thing for Mother's Day! That sounds perfect! You know I was a little rebellious before I got married and living in Seattle... Well you would love a Caramel Machiato! Have a great Mother's Day! You are the best enjoy those perfect kids.

  2. HEY! It's Star! What's up? All I know on Sunday is since my dad's the Bishop now, we're having this pot-luck on Sunday after Church. The women don't have to do ANYTHING! But the Young Women do! :( But Happy Mother's Day! :)

  3. Lisa, you and I are so much alike! If I could I would drink coffee every day of my life! I found a wonderful drink called Choffy! it is a cocoa bean roasted just like a coffee bean! It is so stinkin good and so healthy for you!! You have to buy a french press, but I L.O.V.E. it! I add coconut coffee creamer to it and enjoy it every day!!

  4. DO IT! You have NO idea what you are missing out on! I personally like carmel Fraps. at Starbucks. I promise I wont tell your bishop...he he he. Happy Moms Day to a more than wonderful mommy!



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