Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

I love the song "Have A Holly Jolly Christmas".  Every year as a kid in elementary we would spend each morning the week before Christmas with the whole school singing Christmas carols.  It was awesome.  If you didn't have the Christmas spirit before that week you indeed had it now.  My sister hated the above mentioned song though.  Probably because all the kids her age would insert the words, "Have a Hollie Garner Christmas".  She hated it, but I loved the Burl Ives rendition and still do.

I've made some fun Christmas things lately, but haven't gotten a single picture.  The light's been bad, or it was dark, or we just plain ate it too fast.   So here's a few of last years favorites.  Many of these thing only get made during the month of Dec. at my house so they are that much more special to have around.
You can click on the links here to take you to the recipes.  I have tons of Christmas ideas so I'll post another set soon.   Cracker Toffee,  (Thanks Lori!  I don't know what I'd do without this recipe in my life.  It's "thigh twitching" good!)  Gingersnap Fruit Pizza, (Hollie's the genius behind this one!)  Cheese Ball, Delightful Dilly Rolls, Rice Alamond, (A Danish Christmas tradition thanks to my father dearest!) and finally Sweet Potato Pie, (another recipe from Hollie's fabulous Kentucky friends!)

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  1. Just went to the sing along this morning! Now we REALLY can't wait for Christmas!



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