Weapons Of Mass Destruction

I have met the worst weapon of mass destruction.   I can only imagine if some terrorist group actually used a bug like this on humanity.  It would only last 12 hours, but still, it would be an awful 12 hours.  Personally it hasn't hit me, and I feel like the last man standing in a shoot out, and the enemy is encircling around.  I'm not going down without a fight.

It has hit my entire family.  Even sweet baby Jane.  And it hit hard!  You all know what it is, and I'm sure it's visited your family at some time or another.  The dreaded flu bug that sneaks up behind you during the Christmas holiday, and wipes one person out after another.  It is quiet, and extremely fast and violent.  We'll everyone at this home has been hit.  We've thrown up on the school bus, on the side of the road, but most have made it safely to the porcelain throne.  Thank goodness.  So I am the last man standing, and can I just tell you..............I'm a little nervous.  Shaking in my boots so to say, but maybe I'll be lucky and get the "Muther's can't get sick" blessing and stay well.

Here's to that happy thought and a happy and HEALTHY New Year!

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  1. Sorry it hit your family,just don't send it up the road. Hope you all have a great New Year. George



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