Ain't they cute.  My son is with the girl in the purple dress.  Strapping young man!
My oldest son is 16.  He's driving. He's dating.  He's handsome, and wonderful, and he loves being this age.  I remember 16.  We'll the poor kid has a June birthday so he missed every dance his sophomore year of high school.  He missed a lot of stuff due to his not being old enough to do much and the fact that NO ONE wants to give rides to the kid who lives in Timbuktu.  So now that he is more mobile he is having a great time in high school.

Table set for the Homecoming Dinner
The high school celebrated their Homecoming a few weeks ago, as well as Utah State having their homecoming and one of the other high schools having their homecoming that week as well.  That meant a lot of kids and people coming to town, eating at a limited amount of restaurants.  We thought maybe a dinner at home would be a good alternative to Olive Garden.  I definitely thought that was a better option than Olive Garden.  So the plan was made.  Dinner was going to be at the Clawson's for a group of hungry, cute, and handsome highschoolers.

We had a great night!  The weather worked perfectly for us.  And the night was enchanting if I do say so myself.  The menu consisted of  a wonderful Anything Salad, Hollie's Famous BBQ Ribs, garlic mashed potatoes (trying to limit the teenage kissing!) veggies, cheese bread, and for dessert Emma's Amazing Chocolate Lava Cakes.  All in all I think it turned out great.  The table set outside under a tent was beautiful, and the kids were fantastic.  I even received a Thank You card from a couple of the girls the next week.  Talk about some great kids.  What a fun night!  And just to clarify---------I think there was some lip action that night even with the Garlic Mashed Potatoes:)  I'm sure I never did such a thing.  (Mom lets not reply to this statement.  My kids don't need to know what their mother was like:)


  1. Oh Lisa..... ya little flooz!! Just joshin. This is enchanting!! I'll bet the only thing that would have made it more fun (for the adults only) would have been a visit from SueEllen! How I miss my Delicate Diner Days!!

  2. This sounds amazing. And the setting is so romantic. Don't you wich you would have had a mother that did this for you?

    Sorry, I had no imagination.

    Mama G

  3. It sure is a nice setting for a romantic dinner, neatly raked hay in the background, and everything so green and nice. George

  4. Such a beautiful setting! The girls dresses were so fun and yes....Your 16 year old is quite strapping! He has changed so much in the last couple of years. You're such a great mom! Luv yer Guts!!



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