Yummy White Chocolate Marshmallow Popcorn,  beautiful spring Emma with a bouquet of the first signs of Spring in Avon- Curly Jacks, Orange Rolls my personal fave, Gingersnap Fruit Pizza, Dilly Rolls, Creme Brulee Berry Pie AKA "Navine Pie- Oh My!"I think this is my Granny's favorite thing on the planet, Chinese Pork Roast James' favorite Sunday dinner, Scones, Potato Fennel and Leek Gratin, Sheet Pan Sugar CookiesThanks Colette, Curly Jacks, Joshy Bake!
So what are you doing for Easter?  That is the question.  I asked it this morning on our early morning run, and found everyone was doing something a little special.  A lot of ham in the picture, as well as a lot of Easter egg hunts.  We are headed down to Grandma G's house this year, but still I felt the desire to fix something a little special.  My neighbor Colette was making brunch.  I  thought that was a fantastic idea.  You can have your ham, but also your favorite breakfast fare, and of course desserts.  That's the good thing about brunch.  You can't quite get away with having dessert after breakfast, but you certainly can have a big slice of Key Lime Pie or something after brunch.  I believe brunch has now just become my favorite meal.  I need to have it more often.

I'm in charge of the Orange Rolls Sunday, and I'm sure we'll have many other different things.  One extra special treat is a brand new nephew.  My brother Josh and his wife Katie just had a beautiful little boy this morning.  Katie was only 3 1/2 weeks ahead of me, but she decided to have him about 5 1/2 weeks early.  All is well.  He's  5lbs. 14 oz. and 19 inches long.  That's about what my full term babies are.  So guess what?  Out of 6 cousins to be expecting last Christmas at our annual Garner Christmas party...............I'm next!!!!!   But I'll keep cooking this little babe at least 7 more weeks.  We don't want a doughy baby as James put it the other night.  But Congratulations to my brother and his family!  And here's some links to some recipes that might just be fantastic for Easter!!  Love and Kisses!  PS click here for a great Easter message from Mormon Messages.  Don't you just love them!

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  1. It sounds super yummy!!! You'll have to ask Hollie about the carrot souffle we had for our Easter dinner, it was delish.
    My niece is so excited about EFY with Emma, she can't wait.



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