Christmas Every Sat. Morning

Almost every Sat. morning it feels like Christmas to me.  A few of my friends and I order a Bountiful Basket every Mon. night, and Sat. morning we get to pick them up.  A laundry basket full of the best produce!  There is always something new and surprising inside.  This week was no exception.  Have you ever eaten a persimmon?  Well I have never had one.  I've manhandled them at the grocery store wondering what they might taste like.   I've even heard before that persimmons were the forbidden fruit that Eve partook of in the Garden of Eden.  Don't ask me how anyone would dare suggest knowing something like this, but someone did.  Silly if you ask me.  But I'm going to eat my first persimmon today.  Maybe it will give me eternal life, or at least I will know right from wrong.  It looks lovely, and I'm sure I'll remember the first bite for the rest of my life.

Included in the basket today were: cauliflower, bananas, grapes, persimmons, asian pears, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, collard greens, regular pears, apples, green beans, and brussel sprouts.  I think we're going to be eating some Minestrone Soup this week.  Maybe some cauliflower soup and some roasted veggies.  What a treat!  Everything in this basket cost me.................$15.  Seriously!  My grocery bill has dwindled since I started getting these baskets.  All I need is juice, milk and I sleep with the baker so I'm good in that area.  What else could a girl ask for.  My sister-in-law has received a 100% organic basket from Bountiful Baskets as well.  It's an extra $10, but for her she was pleased as punch.  Her basket was filled with totally different things than what I received, but still so yummy!  All the stuff is so fresh and good.

I've received a few comments the last few hours and there are baskets available now in Texas! (Thanks Lori!) and in the Boise Area!!!  (Thanks dear cousin Jenny!)  So I hope you gals enjoy next Sat. morning!!

Now to anyone reading my post from anywhere other than Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, or Washington I believe, I'm sorry you can't get these baskets.  And Hollie, I'm sorry they don't come up the Boise direction.  Only Southeast Idaho, but maybe you could get them to Boise.  Click here and find a location near you.  I was astonished how many places are available.  I just have to drive to Hyrum, and I just found out that they deliver right behind the bakery in Logan as well every Sat.  Where have I been.  If you like good produce and are a little adventurous give it a try.  You'll have Christmas at you house every Sat. morning just like me!!


  1. Lisa, this is your cousin Jenny in Boise, I just found out today that we can get them up here! My friends got their baskets this morning and were so exctied! I too am placing my order on Mon. night! Can't wait for next Sat.!! Tell Holly for me.

  2. That basket looks exactly like mine! How does one go about eating a persimmon?

  3. Yummy! Please share what you do with persimmons. I've always been curious.

    P.S. I laughed out loud at, "And I sleep with a baker so I'm good in that area." So cute!

  4. You forgot Texas!! There are some gals in my ward who love love love their bountiful baskets!!!

  5. Here you go tempting me again! I need to find someone to split with.



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