Not Your Best Attempted Confection

See I'm sure he loves me despite, my failures.  Right?
"Oh Lis..........this is not your best attempted confection."  That was the comment I got from my most dearly beloved Jimmy Bob.  He said it with the most tenderness he could muster as he tried to gag down this mornings breakfast coffee cake.  Ok I probably should have named the confection SOS.  You know...........Poop On a Shingle.  I couldn't take offense.  I had actually asked him if he liked the before mentioned breakfast as I smuggly tried to swallow the dry piece of yuckiness.  Buttermilk syrup to the rescue, and all in the family were able to at least swallow most of the mess.  I know you're wondering how this could have happened at the Clawson home, but my dear loved ones let me just reassure you I have phenominal failures in the kitchen!  Quite frequently if you can believe it.  Just ask my Jimmy.  Actually don't.  He'll just tell you how wonderful I am, and thin, and how everything I do is touched with gold.  Let's just let him keep thinking this.  That's why I love him so much!

I wonder............does anyone else ever receive a comment like this?  Probably not.  Your husbands probably just swallow and smile.  I'll try to remember my Jimmy thinks I'm fabulous! Or maybe he'll just have a little Soft Soap in his toothbrush tonight:)


  1. Your little bro often critiques my food while we are eating it. Needs more salt, a different herb, last time was better, etc.

    I realize feedback like this makes me a better cook but sometimes I just want to yell, "Shut up and eat it or leave the table!".

    Actually, I think I have said that.

  2. So last night, I ask Matt if he wants me to get his coffee ready for the next morning. "ummm...no,I can get it." Hmmmm....I will take that as a suddle hint that I SUCK at making coffee. Ha ha ha.....I love Jimmy, hes such a good egg Lis!

  3. I tried a new recipe the other night~ my husband said~ and I quote~ "this would taste really good, if I was in PRISON"! Serious.
    Needless to say, I felt great after that! =)

  4. ~better than soap in the toothbrush, try baby orajel, it's clear and numbs your mouth for a little while. ha ha:)
    ~i told fred about a study i heard on the news that said children are more likely to follow their father's eathing habits and tastes. so now he chokes down anything that is healthy with a smile for the sake of the kids. like last nights failed attempt at coconut curry butternutsquash soup. we all ate lots of bread.

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  6. There was a time I made Kade lunch and while I was at work he sent me a text saying, "Thanks for lunch, it wasn't half bad!"

    Haha.. but it was french onion soup, and he HATES onions, so it was kind of flattering :)

  7. Steve isn't nearly as critical of my cooking as I am of his cooks. . . but I consider that my job these days :)

    And Audrey, seriously?!? I've been telling Steve that for years, but he hasn't changed a thing.



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