The Day is Here!

I never thought the day would come when everyone in our little family would be able to ski.  It seems like I was always pregnant, nursing, or a kid or two was too little to enjoy the sport.  Now we are all season pass holders to Beaver Mountain.  We had the best day on New Years Eve.  Jake and Seth had a rough start, but after a few tears, even these two are die hard ski bumbs.  Uncle Eric joined us for the day and we had tons of fun.  This day seems like it will never come, but it does.  The day where we can all be involved in the same activity.  No one has to stay home any more.  The lunch is usually the highlight of the day, but since we were a  little late getting to the hill, lunches were eaten in the car on the way up.  Might I say they are always delicious when you are starving.  We're ready for the second round this Sat.  If anyone wants to join us please come along.  The more the merrier.


  1. We want to go next Saturday the 17th.

    We love you guys!!

  2. Hey Lisa -

    I love your blog. I am so happy we can keep each other updated through blogging. I am jealous of you being able to ski with your whole family. I can't wait! I love to ski with Lauren and Jake. It will be so much fun when we are all on the mountain together. I remember skiing Snow Basin with you when we were young. I love that place.



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