Anyone for Cioppino?

So are you wondering what Cioppino is? Well it is a seafood stew that is marvelous. At least I think so. Last week James and I went on a date to Hamilton's in Logan. I always get the same thing, but this time I thought I would try the Cioppino. I have seen it made on the FoodNetwork more than once and Giada made it on her show over Christmas. It looks lovely. At dinner that night I made so many yummy sounds. It was the best thing I had ever eaten. The next day I was telling all my running girls about it and they thought it sounded disgusting. I was going to prove them wrong. It truly was delish. I went to Albertson's and bought all the shellfish they had. Do I have to remind you we do not live near the coast. Needless to say, my shellfish was a bit on the fishy side and didn't taste so fresh, but the pot of soup looked great. The kids were so excited, but when it actually came time to eat all they wanted to do was collect seashells. So we had PB &J's for dinner and the soup became a lovely seafood bisque with tons of cream to drown out the fish taste, that the dogs are going to end up loving. Anyways if you are in the Hamilton's vacinity try their Cioppino. It is to die for!!


  1. You are such a Molly! I wish I had half the talet that you do! I love you all and we miss your guts :)


  2. I remember seeing Chop-een-ohh
    on the menu of every seafood restaurant in San Francisco. I have never tasted it but, Yours looks divine.



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