Raspberry Freezer Jam

I got a text the other day from one of my nieces.  She's a great little cook, and I've learned a thing or two from her.  We chat frequently about recipes, food, new things, but her question the other day was if I had a fabulous peach jam recipe.  My reply was short and sweet.

The freezer jam recipe off the back of a box of pectin.  
Follow it to a T, and you will have perfect jam!

This is the box of pectin I use.  Don't deviate from the instructions on the pamphlet inside the box one bit and your jam will set perfectly, and beautifully. True story.  I have no secret jam recipe in my arsenal of recipes.  I've tried lots of different versions of jam thinking that maybe "A Little Something" will make the best jam, but honestly the best jam is simple and straightforward.  Fruit-Sugar-Pectin.  Period!  I spent an hour or so the other morning making a few batches of raspberry jam.  With a raspberry patch like mine, I'm never in short supply of berries.  When it comes to my favorite jam flavors, Raspberry and Blackberry.  Not a combination of the two, but one or the other.  I do make strawberry, and my family loves it, but I'm truly a raspberry or blackberry jam snob!  I make a batch or two or peach every year, but it never makes it onto toast.  It's sole purpose in life is to doctor up some BBQ sauce for my sister Hollie's famous Baby Back Ribs.  It turns an ordinary bottle of BBQ sauce into the most delictable sauce on the planet!

Make some jam this summer!  I love freezer jam because it's REALLY easy, and it tastes like fruit.  The color stays beautiful, and really, it just tastes like the fresh fruit:)  I love it!  If you're headed to Cache Valley there's a great raspberry stand on Hwy 89 as you enter the valley.  Week's Berries of Paradise.  They're from my little town, and they have raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and currants.  Fresh picked!  Pick up a flat and make some jam.  Of course that's after you've had you fill of fresh berries with milk and sugar, or may I suggest a smidgen of cream.  There's nothing better.  You should also make a batch of this bread too.   If not, I know a great little bakery that bakes the best bread on the planet, fresh every day!


  1. I just got back from Utah! One of the first places I head to is Great Harvest for a slice of freshly baked Cinnaburst Bread! Unfortunately, it was only featured one day while I was there, so I tried other breads. Cinnaburst is my favorite. Do you know a source for the cinnaburst? I would love to try to make my own here in Georgia.....

  2. I love how you said where you live..Paradise and Eden, I could probably drive right to your door (except that I'm in Texas now) I lived in Hyrum for about 10 years. I was looking for the Maddox roll recipe and didn't find it I would love it if you could direct me to it. Thanks your sister in the gospel, Diana

    1. DIana!! You're welcome to stop by anytime your in town:) Here's a link to the Maddox Rolls. They aren't exactly the ones, but close. I'm still working on the perfect roll. Good luck!!




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