This is one quarter of the whole Galette.  Just imagine what the entire confection looks like.  It's beautiful:)
I finally caught a picture of this Spring and Summer's most beloved dessert.  We have had it at least four times, and I had not been able to snap a single picture of it until now.  James is missing a finger, and Emma is crying in her room since I just ripped into them for almost eating the last living proof of this dessert:)  I'm teasing, but sometimes it gets like that.  So we have been calling this delectable treat a Galette, but I believe it can go by many a name.  Crostini, Tart, Slump, but Galette (We were saying it in a very French accent last night as Ga-lay, but in all reality it is said Ga-let.) is what has stuck.  It sounds so refined, lovely, and fancy when really it's just a lazy girl pie.  I'm lazy like that, but it turns out so utterly beautiful.  Last night's Galette was strictly Blackberry, but we've made Blackberry Rhubarb, Raspberry Rhubarb twice, and apple.  You could make it any fruit of choice.  Plum would be awesome, or apricot, peach...........the list goes on and on.  I actually think plum makes the most delicious tart on the planet.

So friends it you have a pastry cutter and some Crisco you'll be set.  If not, you can always use store bought pie dough, but come on!  Give it a try!  There is nothing better than a homemade pie crust, and really, just stop being a panty waist and give up the excuses and make a pie crust!  I promise you, you will  be so glad you did!  (Just kidding about the panty waist thing.  It's the Clawson coming out in me:) I'll love you store bought or homemade!)

Fruit Galette

Pie dough for a double crust (Come on and make it homemade.  It is sooo much better!)
My Favorite Pie Crust (this makes enough for 4 single pies, 2 double crusted pies, or 2 Galettes.)

3 c. flour
1 1/2 c shortening
1 T. sugar
1 t. salt 
1 egg
1/4-1/3 c. water
1 T. vinegar
3 T. cornstarch

Combine flour, cornstarch, salt and sugar.  Cut in shortening.  Mix egg, cold water, and vinegar.  Blend into flour mixture until it forms a ball.  Try to handle the dough as little as possible.  Makes 4 single pie crusts.  I always make the whole recipe.  If I have dough left over I just plop the dough ball into a Ziploc and put it into the freezer.  All you have to do is thaw and roll when needed.  

For the Galette I make two dough balls out of the recipe and roll each one out.  They are huge circles, and the fill up a big silver cookie sheet.  I roll it out just as if it's a pie crust.  I then roll the dough loosely over my rolling pin and slowly unroll it onto the cookie sheet.  Now on to the fruit part.


If you are using both Galettes then this fruit filling will only fill one tart.  You will have to double it to make both.  

5 c. of fruit of choice  (Fresh or frozen work for this)
2 T. Ultra Gel (Flour or cornstarch will work to, but Ultra Gel is my fave.)
3/4-1 c. of sugar (depending on how tart your fruit is
pinch of salt  (teeney tiny!)

In a large bowl combine all ingredients together and stir until all the fruit is coated.  If your fruit is fresh, if you wait a  few minutes the fruit juices will have dissolved all the sugar and it will be juicy and good.  My berries yesterday were totally frozen, and when I was done stirring it was still just a big powdered mess.  Once the fruit cooks it all combines anyway.  I just dump all the fruit into the middle of the pie crust and fold up the sides roughly.  Bake in a 375'F oven for 1 hour or until the Galette is browned and the fruit is bubbly.  Serve warm with Vanilla ice cream.  This dessert has been known to make my home teacher swoon.  Enjoy!


    That looks like heaven!
    Is there a way to follow your blog?
    Your recipes are amazing!

  2. I made 2 of these yesterday. I used plumbs and nectarines. Golden rasins, lemon zest and pecans. Turned out so awesome! Thanks for always sharing fun new recipes to try! I love it! We had friends over for dinner is these were perfect. - your all time favorite niece. :)



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