Horseradish Herb Butter

Horseradish Herb Butter with a few mushrooms.  The best steak ever!
I have raised 3 large carnivores at my house.  When the typical question is asked, "What do you want for dinner?"  The largest of the 3 has answered, "Steak!" since he was 2 years old.  I think the kid could eat steak for every meal.  Throw in a big beautiful salad and my oldest is in heaven!  The youngest man child in our home has been known to go on hunting trips with Grandpa and Uncle Eric, and have steak at every meal.  Not a petite or child portioned steak, but the 12 oz.-er.   I do remember a certain trip though to Lake Tahoe as a kid, and eating prime rib for 3 meals in a row.  Even breakfast!  Can you believe the breakfast buffet had prime rib?  So I guess my boys come by their love of meat naturally.

For Sunday dinner this last week we grilled some very lovely fillets.  The crowning glory for the meal though was the Horseradish Herb Butter we dotted on top of each steak.  Now friends, this would be the meal to serve for Father's Day!  Talk about man food.  It was easy and quick as well, and there were plenty of yummy sounds being made while it was being consumed.

I think I saw the recipe in the latest edition of Food Network Magazine, but I could be mistaken.   It could have been one of the others, but the recipe can be adapted to your specific tastes.  Next time I'm making a Blue Cheese Herb Butter.  Maybe Horseradish Blue Cheese Herb Butter.  Now that sounds delish!!  The butter would be great on corn on the cob, or even some lovely roasted veggies.  You get the idea.  It's not only steak that deserves to be doused with this butter.  You might as well slather everything in sight with this stuff.  It's that good!

Horseradish Herb Compound Butter

Recipe adapted from something I saw somewhere, but I can't remember:)

1 cube (1/2 c.) butter softened
2 big old T. horseradish (or to taste)
zest of 1/2 of a lemon
3 green onions chopped finely

In a bowl combine all the ingredients together into a smooth paste.  Plop the mixture onto a sheet of waxed paper and roll up like a Tootsie Roll.  Just do your best.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  Place the butter mixture in the fridge for at least an hour, or until the butter is hard again.  Grill your steaks, or fish, or veggies, and while they are still hot as can be, cut off a big slab of butter and set it right on top.  Let the butter melt, and dip everything in it.  The steak will become your new favorite.

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