Here we sit. At the dermatologist. Checking our sun kissed faces for signs of skin cancer. And guess what the receptionist asked, "Are you two the grandparents?" Are you kidding me?  I'm not even 40!  I know there's some smile lines around my eyes, but come on. I thought I was still kind of spunky and cute, but I've been cut to the bone.  My feelings may never recover.  I'm never coming back here again at least:). Have a happy young feeling Fri.


  1. Talk about a kick in the crotch. That comment was pretty unbelievable—I hope the commenter was so mortified that she will never say that again.

    And you do NOT look like grandparents.

    But way to be proactive and go to the derm.

  2. Oh my word! That made me giggle. I had that happen once on a tour in Russia. These guys were hitting on my bff (10 years younger than me) and asked if I was her mother. It still makes me seethe. Yes, seethe.

    Dumb receptionist.

  3. Psh. What a psycho! You two DO NOT look like grandparents at all!

  4. Hey. Not all grandparents are old :)

  5. That is just wrong!! You are still so spunky :)

    And I was really just joking with my comment on Instagram :)

    Look at me, I am 37 and will be a first time mom! So old!

  6. Not being 40 does not preclude you from being a grandparent in Utah. Just sayin'!

  7. My husband handed his debit card with pictures of our kids on it to a cashier and she told him cute Grandkids. He was totally set back and just said nope I'm the Dad. Don't think he will go back to that store...

  8. Remind me to tell you something about this. I keep forgetting.



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