New Family Photos

I have the cutest friend that has taken some fabulous photos for me over the years, and again she did not disappoint.  We had the annual family photos taken a few weeks ago and I think they turned out smashing. But I do love all the people in these photos a whole ton so that may affect my liking just a bit.  Thanks Celeste!  And if you want to talk to her I'm leaving a link to her blog.  She's fantastic!

We took the pictures one Sunday right after church.  The kids all still looked put together and may I say that Emma is gorgeous!  But I was incredibly worried about the day.  A week earlier and we would have had some fall colors, but we had snow instead.  It turned out amazing though.  I've got a lot of silly kids.  My Jimmy being the biggest one of them all.   Can you tell what my life is like.  James makes me and the kids laugh and smile everyday of our life.  Sometimes the pictures Celeste takes in between the REAL photos are the best.  They speak volumes to me.  Celeste gives me a disk that I can print little photos with and I love playing around with it.  My favorite site is called www.PICNIK.com.  You can do so many great things and even ad text.  Go there and have fun playing around.  Thanks again Celeste for the great photos!!    I cherish every one.  (I'll be ordering my big one soon too:)


  1. Cute!!! Such a beautiful (and crazy) family. I gave up this year and ordered cards with 20 photos...it is so hard to get my adult children together. You need a microscope to see the details...but everyone is happy.

  2. We are in MAJOR need of a family photo! My photographer is my daughter. HUMMMM how does that work?? I love your pictures and I just love your cute little family. Your cute little baby is becoming more Clawson everyday! No denying that she is from the same APPLE tree. OH and if you are calling Emma gorgeous then you are calling yourself gorgeous. She looks so so much like you. She is a lucky girl. Love you cute cute Clawsons. Merry Christmas.

  3. Emma, you do look gorgeous!! Those are all great pictures, I don't know how you will choose.

    Love you!!

  4. seriously, emma is such a classic beauty. what a young lady! :)

    so fun to see the whole family. :)



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