You're Getting Kind of Fat

Spring Rolls - ksl.com
So this is the statement that came out of Darin Adams mouth the first instant he saw me. Now don't get offended. I didn't. That's how friends tease right? But I do think I looked pregnant-good thing I am! Fun segment today on Spring Rolls. Just a hint: try some different things. My friend Erin swipes a little bit of pesto down the middle of hers, and we thought about a slightly thicker sauce by adding some orange marmalade or something. Use shrimp, go strictly veggies, or in Darin's words, "You could wrap up chicken and rice casserole and it would be dang good!" I may try that the next time I make these. Thanks for watching, and thanks for holding your tongues about the roundness of my body. Only 14 more weeks! I can do this!


  1. I thought you looked great! I am excited to try these spring rolls soon.

  2. i can't cook - but I recorded the show and watched, just to see your cute prego body - you looked adorable as always! i would have never guessed only 14 weeks to go, you better get a lot bigger~!



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