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Cold, austere beauty!
Last Friday was so beautiful.  You know those cold mornings when the whole world looks as if it's been flocked.  I love the way everything looks.  The trees, the ornamental grasses, my kitty's whiskers, and my running friends eyelashes.  Beautiful and white.  I had to share my day and what we had at the bakery.  It's that time again for Red Velvet Love Cakes, and fabulous sugar cookies, but I must admit it was the Reuben sandwich that made me happy.

I love this sandwich.  It's kind of a man sandwich, but you girls out there should really try it.  And none of this sissy, "no saurekraut please".  It just won't do.  Do it big or don't do it at all.  I wish I could say this to customers sometime.  "Ooh!  No apple butter please, no pesto,  no cranberry sauce, oh yuck I hate coleslaw!"  For heaven's sakes just trust me on these things.  Your life would be so much better with these things on their designated sandwiches.  We should all try our sandwiches as God intended at least once, and then you can change it up.  Saurerkraut is a must on any Reuben, or it  just stops being a Reuben.  Why bother then.

Years ago when our family won the "Cooking With Your Kids Contest" from the Food Network we spent 6 days in New York City.  James and I had a different Reuben sandwich everywhere we went.  They were all different, and we enjoyed each one.  When we started making sandwiches a few years ago I knew we had to have a Reuben.  I like mine with lots of cold veggies after it's grilled.  It makes the sandwich perfect. So if you are hungry today or tomorrow I'll be at the bakery, and I'll make you the best Reuben you've ever had.  I promise you'll love it.  And while your here, you deserve a Love Cake too.  


  1. If you weren't so far away, I would be be there with bells on for lunch with my two kids in tow. And I would have sauerkraut.

    Also, who on earth turns down pesto?!

  2. Every time I see those "flocked" mornings I keep thinking I should take picture! They are my favorite too. I love Sauerkraut on everything...Pizza, polish dogs, sandwiches, plain! Kelly thinks I am weird. I even have Rylee loving it! I will for sure be in to try a LOVE CAKE!

  3. Love, Love, LOVE Reubens! Extra sauerkraut, please!

  4. Since I can't come visit you today or tomorrow send me the ingredients that you make your reuben with so we can have those for superbowl sunday. Thanks sisty! Love your guts!

  5. UGH!!! I use to think those flocked EVERYTHING mornings were so beautiful.... now just looking at the pictures makes my bones ACHE!! We have had a cold week here in TEXAS. Nic missed 4 days of school due to ICE. It made me so not miss the cold of Utah. Guess that I am just an old old lady. We had a cupcake shop open by our house. I went the other day and they raised their prices from a way to high 2 dollars to a just can't do it 2.50. They make a good Strawberry Cupcake. The icing is divine. They are small and the frosting doesn't cover the whole cake. What is up with that? I see the price on yours and I am for sure deciding that they are OVERPRICED!! Guess I'd better special order from my favorite bakery in the land of flocked EVERYTHING (YUP... even the powerlines....UGH)

  6. How do you make such beautiful picture collages on your blog? I love the recipes too.



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