Pineapple Salsa

I am on vacation, and a lovely one at that.   I have my handsome Jimmy with me and all my little kidlets, and I'm never going home.  Actually........I'm starting to miss my dogs, and my kitties, and my garden (which is still alive if you can believe that!) and just the general feeling of fall.  I'm starting to want some hot soup on a chilly night, and to wear capris with flip flops and long shirts.  I'm not ready for the big step to long pants and boots, but that will come.  I'm sure when I get home the leaves will all have turned, but we Clawson's are truly enjoying our last big Hurrah!  Can I just tell you that the pineapple here in this paradise is lovely.  Perfectly perfect, and wonderful, and I've eaten 6 of them.  6 whole pineapples.  I just cut the 6th pineapple minutes ago, and yes it was as good as all the other 5.   It's the pineapple salsa I'd like to talk about today.  We've had fish this and that, and nothing is better with fish than pineapple salsa.

I used to make mango salsa, and I still love it, but this pineapple stuff is yumm-y!  It is great served with fish tacos (that's what we're having tonight!) grilled fish, pork roast, chicken of the BBQ and served straight up with a spoon.  You know another good thing about pineapple salsa is that you can make it even when you aren't in paradise.  Sam's and Costco sell amazing pineapples for a great price all year round.  Oh I almost forgot this salsa is great with chips.  Enjoy it at your next Mexican night.  Tortilla shells, shredded chicken or beef, guacamole, regular salsa and some pineapple salsa.  Dang that sounds good!

Pineapple Salsa

fresh pineapple
red onion
serrano chili
a little lime juice

Chop all ingredients into small bits, and mix together.  Add a squeeze of lime and a little sugar and salt.  Taste it.  See what else it needs.  You may want a little more salt or a little more sugar.  Adjust to your taste.  Serve over fish tacos or with a pork roast or just by the spoonful.  It is wonderful!


  1. Sounds delicious! I'm glad you are having a wonderful vacation.

  2. Lisa, all your recipes are so tried-and-true! I have been stalking your blog for about a year now, since Lindi told me about it. I have tried lots of your recipes and I am so in love with all of them! Thanks for the good eats! Hope you're having fun on vacation.... Love, Melanie (Montgomery) Brenchley



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