Holy Strawboly!

Yes, that handsome man of mine helps in the garden every once in awhile.  Thanks Jimmy!
Holy cow!! I have had strawberries coming out of my ears for the past few weeks.  My garden is such a miracle!  Every time I'm out there I am amazed at what has grown.  It seems crazy to me that these little dried seeds actually grow into something we can eat, and that I actually did it.  Truth be told I don't really have a green thumb.  My thumb is just short and stubby and really couldn't grow anything if my life depended on it.  I do believe that a little prayer for the desires of my heart can do great things for my garden.  It's true, and I'm not trying to get preachy or anything, but dang you've got to try the "prayer road"  for great gardens.

Last year I had a record breaking cherry tomato that I prayed over everyday.  I also stroked it and talked sweet little words of love to it and boy did it produce.  That tomato was at least 10 ft. in diameter.  We were eating cherry tomatoes way into Oct.  This year I've prayed for my garden every night and boy has it done well.  My mom taught me when I was 8 or so how much prayer helps when you need something.  I had lost a favorite something and she encouraged me to pray for help.  I trusted everything she said and did exactly as she asked.  I found the treasure moments later in a spot I had already looked in.  I knew then and there that my prayer was answered.  Pray for your garden if you need a little extra help.  Trees do really well too if they are prayed over.  James thought I was a little strange at first when I'd pray for my garden, but I think he's a believer now.

The strawberry patch is producing tons and tons of berries.  I've probably picked about 12 ice cream buckets full of berries.  My patch is only 15 ft. by 10 ft.  It is wonderful.  I've made jam, and pies, and my favorite.........strawberries and cream.  We'll be having smoothies from now until next July.  I've got one more picking and I think I'm going to make Strawberry Rhubarb pie.  Lot's of them and then freeze them.  Just as the strawberries are finishing the raspberries are starting.  What a treat a garden is.  Blackberries will be next and then some beans, corn, tomatoes...................I love this time of year.  So pray for your garden.  It compensates for any lack of green thumbness you may have.  Trust me on this one!! I'm starting to learn prayer can do great things for 15 year olds too!!

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