Navine Pie Oh My

I am posting this recipe for my granny. Not that she's computer savvy or anything. In fact most of the time she's not quite sure to do with "that big machine in the den." But at least the recipe will be documented so she can have me print it off for her. I want to note here today that I wrote down every single ingredient and step I used and did in the making of this pie. That never ever happens. I have a cute little friend that whenever she calls for a recipe she makes sure she asks if I am telling the recipe to her as written or as I made it. Most times there is a stark difference between the two. My granny always says that's a sign of a good cook if you can just add a little extra this and some of that, but I'm afraid it doesn't foster sisterly or friendly affection in the recipe sharing division. So I wrote this recipe down as I was doctoring it. I was impressed and amazed and thoroughly shocked. It was sooooo un-Lisa like, so don't get used to it!

This was the pie I made for my granny on Easter. I made it for Easter last year too, but it wasn't so pretty therefore I didn't share. Sunday I made it perfect. It tasted good and it looked good as well. When I told my grandma what we were having for dessert she squealed with delight. We both squealed with delight. I love it when someone will squeal with me. She made me promise that I would serve this at her funeral. I promised I would. No funeral potatoes. Just Creme Brulee Pie. Actually I think we'll name it Navine Pie in her honor. At least then something if not someone will be named after her. That's a real sore spot around these parts. But please, I tried to name my girl child Navine, but there's something wrong about a cute little baby named Navine. Navine like ravine. Not grapevine. Sorry Grams. Don't take it personal. I still love your guts!!

That leads me to a very funny story about my dear old grams. I have tons, and I'm going to have to start writing them down, but this one is all about the name. When we had our red headed child he was named after my dad, brother and grandpa Garner. My grandpa died when I was 5 so I don't remember him well, but I figured since my dad and brother Josh were both named after him, that I would name the redheaded child after all three of the men. The name in question is Grant and I thought it was a great middle name. James agreed. So Jacob Grant was to be the name. I remember telling my granny what we were going to name Jake and I was quite taken back by her response. Navine is the best grandma in all respects. She never says anything bad. She always just tells you how beautiful you are, how wonderful you are, and how perfect you are..............you get the idea. So when the next words came out of her mouth I was stunned. She heard me say, "We're going to name him Jacob Grant Clawson." Big smile on my face, thinking she'd love the name since it was my dad's middle name and all, but no. Her response was, "That dirty rotten son of a B! (But she said the real word! That big old B word that sometimes just must be said. Obviously this was one of those occasions.) I haven't had a single grandchild named after me, let alone a dog, and he's had plenty. And I'm the good grandma!" She then proceeded to name off all the men children who were named Grant, and there were quite a few. You see, my grandma and grandpa were divorced while my dad was on his mission. Way before my time, but some things just run deep. She had held her tongue long enough. I don't blame her. I would have voiced my mind long before the 12th great grand child. Grams you're a gem!

Well I think it's now time that something is named after Navine, so here it is. Navine Pie!!! In all it's cream and calorie glory. It suits her. It's the best dessert for the best granny. Simple yet elegant, and something to be proud of. Love ya Grams!!

Navine Creme Brulee Pie

2 single pie crusts blind baked (I'll post my favorite crust recipe.)
(Blind baking is just baking the shells and then adding the innards after. I usually bake the shells with another pie pan on top of the crust. That way the crust doesn't slip down while it's baking.)


2 T. flour
3 T. cornstarch
1 1/2 c. sugar
1 egg + 2 yolks
4 c. cream of half and half
1 t. vanilla

In a medium sauce pan add all the ingredients together except for the vanilla and whisk until smooth. Bring the mixture to a boil and let it boil for 2-3 minutes or until it thickens a bit. Take off the stove and whisk in 4 oz. of Marscapone Cheese or Cream Cheese. Marscapone is best, but it's kind of pricey. Do what you gotta do. I had to blend the cream mixture up with an immersion blender to get it real smooth. Pour the custard into the two cooled pie shells. Refrigerate until completely cooled.

To serve top with sugar and torch the top until it melts and turns brown. I have a kitchen torch, but if you don't you can always put it under the broiler. I doesn't work as well, but it will do the trick. Slice the pie and top with fresh berries, and whipped cream. It's good!!

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  1. I love you and all your cooking. I have tried a few things and are going to try moooorrreee. So all my working out it probably going to be for nothing. But I won't be thinking about that when I am eating this pie.....mmmmmm



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