My Favorite Four Letter Word...RIBS

So my children will tell you I have other favorite four letter words, but really I don't. I probably use the other words a little too much, but I made a commitment to try a little harder to clean up my mouth. Let's move on to the "other" favorite four letter word. RIBS! Isn't it a lovely word. It actually makes your mouth water just thinking about it.

As a kid I rarely had a rib, let alone a rack. I remember my dad taking me to Tony Roma's once and I think I got chicken. Ribs were just so big, and messy, and cave man-ish. I don't feel that way about them anymore. Thanks to my sister I now am a rib maniac. We were visiting her a few years ago and she prepared these ribs one night for dinner. They seemed so easy and tasted delish! Dang! If Hollie can do it, then she can teach me how to do it I figured. She's always so kind to impart of her cooking talents. I actually get all my good stuff from her. Thanks Hollie! You're the best!

These ribs are very easy and always a hit. I buy a big package of Pork Loin Baby Back Ribs from Sam's Club. It comes with 3 large racks all packed tightly together. They're a little pricey. Anywhere from $22-$35 per package. It all depends on the price per pound. I think anything under $3.49 lb is pretty good. Don't bother with any other kind of rib. They don't work as well, and in my opinion, they are too hard to eat. I've seen these racks of ribs sold individually at the regular grocery store too. 3 racks of ribs will serve 2 families usually. That's my family of 6 plus another fam about the same size.

I take the thawed ribs out and place all three on a large silver cookie sheet. There is usually a little overlappishness going on. It's ok. I then sprinkle the racks generously with a rib rub, or just salt and pepper. I've made a homemade rub before and it was good, but the cheap stuff in the little Schilling bottle is just as good. Smoked Paprika is lovely with a little salt and pepper. I then cover the cookie sheet with tin foil and set the ribs to bake. It is different every time, but it always works. Yesterday I baked the ribs for 2 1/2 hours at 375' F and then for 3 hours at 250' F. Other times I've baked for 10-12 hours at 250' F. All work well. Just make sure that the meat can easily be pulled off the bone. Nobody wants to gnaw for their dinner. From here I usually place the cookie sheet in the fridge. You can make the ribs up to this point a few days in advanced if you want.

Right before you serve the ribs, get your grill going outside. I just use regular BBQ sauce from the grocery store and just doctor it up a bit. I use 1 c. of BBQ sauce and 1 c. of peach, apricot, or raspberry jam. That's it and it is tasty. Place the racks on the grill for about 2 minute per side. I usually do the meat side down first and then flip. Baste the ribs with the sauce and continue grilling until the bottoms are warmed up. Really it only takes a few minutes to serve these ribs from the fridge. Watch your flame on the grill because the ribs will burn quickly. I serve ribs usually with doctored up mashed potatoes, a lovely salad, and either yams or carrots. It's all about the color! I hope you love these as much as we do. Really, you will!


  1. I found your blogful of recipes after seeing you make your bread on Studio 5. I am having so much fun with it. I commented on my (new and inexperienced)blog about your blog and recipe. I wish you had a sticker I could put on my blog for following you. Thank-you very much.

  2. Lisa,
    Stop all this madness....its not fair to look at your blog at work when I am hungry..you got my appetite CRAVING ribs!!! In a serious way!!

  3. i was just talking to my mom about these ribs today. we love them!

  4. I am officially your newest stalker...(consider yourself warned..ha!ha!). Tesha Pack told me about your blog..... I Love, love, your recipes and the stories that go with them!! Thanks! Thanks!!

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