Seriously! Oreo Truffles

Yumminess in a little coat of chocolate. That's what these babies are. I love them and since there isn't even a crumb from one of these truffles left, you could say my family loves them too. I made them Sat. in between weddings, basketball games, receptions, and pizza making. 50 pizza's to be exact. Actually I didn't make a pizza, I just told people what to do. I'm good at that. I threatened my boys lives if they touched my truffles while I was away. They were angels. All truffles were accounted for that night when I came home from the pizza making reception. I don't know what I wanted to do with the truffles. Put them on a serving tray and serve them to people who came for tithing settlement maybe, but they never made it to tithing settlement.

Sunday morning on the way to church I look over and noticed Seth had a huge chocolate ring around his mouth. He'd snitched an Oreo truffle. Or at least that's what I thought. All the other kids wanted one now. Sorry you'll have to wait until we get home I said. They were sad, but alas, Seth saved the day. He quickly retrieved 4 Oreo Truffles from his pocket. Boy I was glad he pulled them out when he did. Can you imagine if they'd have melted in his pocket. By the time James got home from church there were only a couple of truffles left. The four lovely children had eaten them all. Nothing left for the tithing payers at church. Those folks would have to settle for super mini Snicker's, but at least they didn't know they almost had Oreo Truffles.

The recipe came from a Kraft Food and Family magazine a few years ago. You can do many different variations on these treats. This time I used the Mint Creme Oreo's and milk chocolate to dip them in. You could use white chocolate or dark, and any kind of Oreo. You decide. They are best kept refrigerated, but make sure you have someone to share with or you'll eat them all yourself.

Oreo Truffles

1 pkg. Oreo's
1 8 oz. package cream cheese

Place all the cookies into a food processor and buzz until you have fine crumbs. Add the cream cheese and buzz until the mixture comes together as if it were a dough. Roll the mixture into walnut sized balls and refrigerate until hardened a bit.

2 pkg. chocolate chips melted

Place the chips in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 1 minute. Stir. Repeat until chocolate is melted completely. Don't over heat though. Dip Oreo balls into the chocolate and place on waxed paper until hardened. Enjoy!


  1. Can I tell you that at this very moment I am wearing these babies on my thighs!! YUP..... mint and regular!! They are sitting right next to about 10 buckeyes that I dipped at the same time! TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY!!! OH......... I hear making them with nutter butters is scrumpdelicious!!

  2. You probably already know you can do this, but my neighbor made them with the golden oreos...yummy! I was expecting regular oreos and got a delcious surprise!

  3. Sorry you couldn't attend our baking day...we were making these too! I dipped mine in white chocolate with dark choc. drizzle. So fun,pretty....and EASY!

  4. Oh these look easy and so good! I may have to try them! I love your blog. :)

  5. One of my all time favorites! We dipped them in white and milk chocolate this year. So yummy... but how do you make them so pretty??

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