Do Not Try This At Home

I had to post about this recipe because it was just sooooo over the top.  I'm sorry I can not give credit where credit is due.  I found it on some nice gals blog and thought I'd give it a try, but now I don't know where I found it.  (I found it!  Picky-Palate click here)  So, nice girl who came up with the idea, thank you...... but I'll never make these again.  

J was thoroughly intrigued by this recipe and even considered making them at the bakery.  A quadruple layer bar cookie.  Get out of town.  It looked so good and seemed like such a great idea, but alas it was a bear to make.  1 store bought sugar cookie tube and 3 other homemade cookie layers.   A triple chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookie, and finally just good old chocolate chip cookie.  These took forever to make and then press into the pan.  They were so thick that they took even longer to bake as well, therefore making the edges a tad bit on the crispy side.  My mother-in-law would have loved the crispy edges.  But hey they looked great, and the middles were soft and good, but never again.  It's probably better for my bottom side anyways:)  

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  1. I'll bet your mom-in-law would have loved those edges!



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