The Best Race Yet

Jed's trophy!
Handsome boys I've got, don't you think!

Sat. morning the alarm didn't go off at 5:10am as it was supposed to.  Luckily I had been dreaming about running a 1/2 marathon where there were pear tarts, and apple pie, and all sorts of goodies that I ate at every stop.  Pretty soon I couldn't run anymore.  All I could do was waddle and I still had 11 miles to go.  It was a frightening dream.  I woke up because of the stress the dream was causing and luckily I was only 5 minutes behind schedule.  Yeah!   Good thing I had everything laid out in advance.  I was ready in a couple of minutes as well as James, and Jed.  Yes you heard it right......James and Jed ran with me too.  

I've run a few 1/2 marathons with my running gals, but my boys decided to join me this year.  I was glad since I'm a bit slower than years past and I thought James and Jed could stay back with me.  I don't know why, but I've been sucking wind the last few weeks and I didn't want to hold the other girls back. Um, maybe it's the homemade marshmallows, or Lomond View Peanut Butter bars or other delectable treats I've been sampling. Just a thought:)  James ran with me the whole time and Jed just took off at his own pace.  He did awesome!!  1 hour and 54 mins. and 3rd place in his age division!  Isn't that great!!  James and I came in a bit later, but I was so happy for Jed who cares if I was slow.  Colette and Wendy were cheering me on across the finish line, I saw my best friend from when I was in elementary, and her mom who was one of my favorite YW leaders!  I love days like that. 


  1. Way to go to all of you! One day I'll be like you guys and maybe run a marathon . . . yeah, that would be rather nice.

  2. Good job Clawsons! Jed you did great for your first time. George

  3. Good job guys! My mom just told me that my dad finished a 1/2 in 1 hour 40 min... and he runs fast, so good job Jed! Wish I was there to watch! :)



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