Blueberry Lime Tiramisu

I actually taught this at a Macey's class a week or so ago, and I have to admit I had never made it before the actual class.  This is nothing new.  I frequently try out brand new things at my Macey's classes, and surprisingly they've all turned out real well.  I loved this dessert!  I had to do a bit of improvisation to make the recipe, seeing that Macey's didn't carry all of the ingredients I needed. The resulting adaptation was lovely.  I don't think I will make it according to Paula Dean's directions.  My version was tops and way cheaper too.

We love Tiramisu at our house.  I know.  It is a coffee flavored dessert, so we try to just limit eating it at times when we are out of Utah.  Just kidding!  Actually I've made the coffee flavored dessert with a Kahlua flavored syrup.  The kind they use for Italian Creams.  So no Word of Wisdom problems there.  Now Hollie on the other hand has actually ventured into the liquor aisle at her local Albertson's.  They know she's a Mormon though when she asks for the "Grand Mar-i-ner" and it is really pronounced Grand Mar-ñay.  She's confessed to her bishop I'm sure:)

So this Blueberry Lime Tiramisu should keep you cool and refreshed, and out of your bishops office.  The liquor of choice is just good old Limeade concentrate.  I love limes too if you didn't already know.  It is such a light summery dessert.  So on to the recipe and I hope it shows up at a family gathering or two soon.

Blueberry Lime Tiramisu
(recipe by Paula Dean but totally Lisa-ized)

1 large Angel Food cake (Paula used Lady Fingers)

1 large can of Limeade concentrate slightly thawed

1-2 cans of blueberry pie filling (I like to use at least 1 1/2 cans.  As you can see I ran out of the pie filling for the top of my Tiramisu in the photo.)

2 8 oz. bricks of cream cheese (Paula used Marscapone and I'm sure it would be decadent, but I can't afford $5 a 8 oz. container)

2 c. of cream whipped and sweetened with powdered sugar and vanilla
fresh blueberries

Cut the Angel Food cake into about 24 little slices.  Dip each piece into the Limeade concentrate until it is soaked.  I liked it better when the Limeade still had a little ice in it.  More went on the cake and then more absorbed in.  You want to whole can of Limeade gone when you're done.  Lime the bottom of the pan with soaked cake.  Place the cream cheese in a mixer and mix until somewhat smooth.  Add the whipped cream to the cream cheese.  Spread 1/2 of the cream cheese mixture on top of the cake.  Top with a layer of blueberries.  Repeat each layer one more time.  Top with fresh blueberries, and let set in refrigerator for 4 hours or overnight.  It is really a delicious dessert.  You could improvise by doing it with raspberries and lemonade, or just making it in a big pretty trifle bowl.


  1. What the he-- are you thinking? You can't go on the hcg diet ever because you are a gourmet(lover of food). I think I'll just let you make it for us someday in the far future when we are off our diets. I am afraid to even try this recipe because then it will be just another thing I have to give up. Mom

  2. lisa ~ thanks for your sweet comments - i too love your blog, your amazing, i've printed almost all of your recipes although i'm scared to try them, i'm a terrible cook and like one of your friends need EXACT measurements! one day i will try one (the pb bars, if i can resist eating the entire pan!) things just don't work so good when i cook them. your place looks so nice love your barn! hope to see you soon!

  3. Hey Lisa, found your blog while googling for your ph number so I could talk to James. If I had known this was the kind of food you make we would have moved to be your neighbors already. I'm going to trailer out a double wide so we can get moved before that dessert is gone. Looks good!

  4. Lisa! I tried a cheeser today! And I made me one more after I tried it! They are delish! I think I might go make me another one!



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