Try These Babies!

It official.  I'm starting a diet today!!  My scale told me I had a fat butt today so I am going with Jillian Michaels and hopefully I'll look like her in 30 days.  At least that's what she said!  So as a fairwell to my lovely sugar addiction I thought I'd post about the fabulous treat my visiting teacher taught at an Enrichment Night last summer.  Most recipes you've seen them in one form or another somewhere, but not this one.  It reminds me of better days riding my bike for mile after miserable mile training for the LOTOJA.  I'm not so sure they were better days, just thinner days.........actually I was chubby then too.  My friend Marca would pack along Salted Nut Rolls to keep her energy up.  Actually the only reason she road sometimes was for the Oreo's at the rest stops.  When you ride that many miles you can always justify a treat.   Another reason for the diet today:) 

The recipe is for Salted Nut Roll Bars and they are very good.  My visiting teacher Rachel makes them every Father's Day for all the men in her family.  They love them, and may I add I do too.  Don't worry though.  The pan is gone and they won't be tempting me today.  Just think of me though if you make them this week.  Enjoy every gooey, peanutty, scrumdiddilyumptious bite.  After I'm ripped I'll be making them again!  (Ha ha ha!)

The cookies pictured above were actually a double batch.  I made them in a big silver cookie sheet instead of the 9x13 pan.  It took 2 cake mixes, a whole 12 oz bag of mini marshmellows, and a few extra peanuts.  It is a very forgiving recipe so do as you please.  I think the cake crust is too thick if it is in a 9x13 pan, but that is just my preference.

Salted Nut Roll Cookies

1 yellow cake mix
1/3 c. softened butter
1 egg
mini marshmellows

Combine ingredients, except the marshmellows, and press into a greased 9x13 inch pan.  Bake at 350' F for 10-12 mins.  Top the crust with a layer of marshmellows (about 3-4 c.) and bake another 3 mins.  Remove from the oven and cool.  When it is cool top with peanut mixture and refrigerate.  When set cut into squares and serve.  They keep best in the fridge.

Peanut Topping

1 pkg. peanut butter chips
2/3 c. corn syrup
1/4 c. butter
2 t. vanilla
 2 c. salted peanuts

In a microwave bowl combine chips, corn syrup and butter and microwave for 3 mins.  Stir until chips and butter are melted.  Add vanilla and peanuts.  Mix well.  Pour over cooled cookie.  I haven't tried this variation, but I think the 1 c. brown sugar, 1 c. peanut butter, and 1 c. corn syrup melted on the stove would work just as well.  Give it a try.


  1. You are not alone Lisa..... It's Monday and I am on a diet too. I am on a diet EVERY Monday! It is what I do and frankly I am good at it. Not today though. We had a grad party here last night with chocolate fondue. I had bananas and potato chips dipped in chocolate for breakfast and I don't even eat breakfast! UGH!! I now have been on a diet for 2 hours. Are you proud of me? I think I just might make thse for my Paul. He would like them very much. They are looking mighty luscious. Maybe I will be brave and not make them though...... I will just pretend that you are a good picture taker and that they really aren't as good as they look (I totally know that would be a lie)

  2. Yummy- Im gonna make these and take them to Bear Lake this weekend. Dave and a few of his friends are going to bike there, and all the ladies will drive. It should be a fun weekend. These might be the highlight of the weekend! Thanks for sharrin! Oh and by the way I think that we are gonna bless Libbie on the 28th of June. I'll let ya know for sure when we figure it all out. Love ya!



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