I'm Not a Loser

Just a quick note to tell about Jed's elections yesterday.  This is the texts I recieived.

He's walking down the driveway with his head hung low, and his posters all rolled up.

He walked in the door and threw his backpack on the floor and his head is still hung low.

He just sat at the table and burst into tears.......of delight!  I'm not a loser!

Congrats Jed!  We think he's great!  Here's the posters Uncle Doug created for Jed's campaign. Jed is now called Jedward at school.  Thanks Doug for the great posters.  You are the best!!


  1. Those are awesome!!! Congrats Jed! What a stinker though to tease you like that!

  2. Way to go Jed! Win or lose that was brave of him to try.

  3. Jed you ROCK!! Congrats we are all excited for you. Love the posters!

  4. thanks for sharing your blog address at the macey's class this week - - I need someone knew to "blog-stock". just kidding, I'm really not a creepy person. I am excited to see that you have some recipes on here, though - I'll get to try more than the once a month ones I get at the classes!

    Your family is adorable. and congrats to your son. i teach middle school in the "other" district and i'm always highly impressed with those kids who have the confidence to do new and scary things at that age.

  5. Way to go Jed. Heck, you didn't even need those awesome posters to win...but they were good. We are super proud of you.

  6. Yay!!!! I think the whole student body officer thing must run in the garner fam! Rock on Jed! Congrats!

  7. Congratulations to Jed. The posters are awesome.



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