Real Life is Cold!

Our family vacation is officially over, and real life has bitten me in the butt.  Really it isn't bad, just a bit cold and snowy.  I am sitting here at my kitchen table writing this post wondering where the blowing palm tree are.  All I can see is frozen cows!  We got back yesterday from a week in Kona with the kids and James' mom and dad.  It was wonderful.  Last Monday we arrived at the condo just in time to see my mom and dad off.  They had been there for two weeks. Seth was so excited to see grass that jumped out of the car as soon as we got there and fell to the ground.  He rolled and flipped and squealled with delight.  It has been a long time since we have seen grass at our house.  My mom laughed and laughed thinking Seth was quite strange.  That is until she got home the next morning and called saying she knew why Seth acted that way.  She was already missing the grass too.  For the 1 hour that we were with my mom and dad, Jake and Seth both ran through the screen door popping it out and cutting their feet.  The look on my mom's face was of pure terror.  I know she was thinking there would be nothing left of the condo when the Clawson's were through with it :)

Needless to say we had a fabulous time.   Every morning James and I would go for a great run before anyone else got up.  We were the only two people on the planet at those times.  I loved that.  The whole fam loved the beaches.  The boogie boarding and bodysurfing were amazing and Seth loves to snorkel.  It's amazing when your kids are with you there really is no reason to come home.  Everyone wanted to stay.  Jack and Eileen were great to have.  They aren't beach people, and I didn't see any shorts or swimwear on them, but we loved being there with them.  We ate some great food and the Sunday brunch at the Mauna Kea was fantastic.  I asked Jed what his favorite food at the buffet was and of course it was the bacon.  I sure hope he at $48 worth of bacon.  I picked a few of my favorite photos, and there was even one with me in it.  Looking back I'm glad James' mom took that family photo because that is the only documentation that I was on the trip.  You kno how it goes being the family photographer.  Maybe I will post the whole album on my Facebook page.  By the way, Facebook is James' new favorite thing.  Aloha!!


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! Ahhh it looks so nice there! Someday we'll make the trip with you guys...and we're total beach bums so count us in on all the water fun! Glad your home safe. Thanks for your comment... mom's house was a little crazy to say the least. I had one day where i totally lost it and cried my eyes out. Could it be that i'm 7 months pregnant? Or was it really that bad? haha The hardest thing was having people there knowing they could help make dinner, bath kids, change diapers, put kids to bed, but never did. That was super frustrating. But its done, and I'm so happy. I'll never do it again for 10 days. That's waaay too long. Maybe a couple days. I can't wait to see our grass either. Seth is so cute. I can just picture him. Glad you all got to enjoy a great vacation together and get outta this crap freezing cold weather!

  2. Sounds like fun to me! Looking at your pictures brought back memories. I have a picture of Colton being goofy in the same spot(along the rock wall) with a boogie board. He was probably only 10. I heard it was a blizzard today. What a nice welcome home, huh?

  3. Lisa,

    I was jealous out of my mind all week. I really wanted to be there boogie boarding with everybody.
    You did have one reason to come back you forgot to take Uncle Eric with you guys. I think i am pretty close to a permanent figure in the Clawson household. Next time i'll be the Nanny, no need for grandparents. ha ha ha

    Love your stinking guts,


  4. What a jealous person I am right now! Thou shalt not covet... but after a post like that, how can I not? So sorry that the weather was so dumpy when you came home. I think that we should plan a trip to Lake Powell so we have something to help us get through this yucky white stuff and gives us something to look forward to! Boating season is almost here... right? More like "ya right!" Oh well. Glad you made it home safe. Oh, and I loved the family picture. The windblown look is very model-esque! So great!

  5. Aloha! Next time we'll have to go together. Looks like your trip was a blast.



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