The Ode to Swede

Yesterday was the last day of Swede's tenure with us at the Great Harvest in Logan Utah.  What a sad day it was.  He will be missed by more than just our little bakery family, but by many a customer.  Let me just tell you how yesterday went.  One of the girls at the bakery brought in an ice cream cake to celebrate our sadness of Swede leaving, but that was not the only offering.  Jeff over at Parts Plus who is a daily customer made his famous dutch oven Apple Cobbler for Swede.  Might I add that it was delish. 
 Next, all of the gals over at Anderson Seed brought over an apron they had made for Swede.  It had two muffins or cupcakes where the bossoms should be, and those cupcakes had cherries on the top.  Cute! A few of our bakers love to call those tittys.  I don't want to get too vulgar here so I'll stop.   The Anderson Seed gals had all signed the apron, and I bet a tear or two was shed as they left. 
After, we had the Wells Fargo boys, who again are daily staples at the bakery, drop by some giant Hersey's candy bars.  How appropriate!  I am sure there were many more exchanges through the day that I didn't even hear about.  Swede has been an absolute favorite employee.  (I will say that TJ has always been a favorite too.)  These Olson boys are amazing.  Fun, kind, efficient, clean, and amazing bakers.  The bakery would shine after Swede was done with it.  James has made the comment though that he will be getting a raise since Swede left.  He has been our highest paid employee, and we now replace him with a super cheap desperate college kid.  How brutal.  I don't know though. Swede got a lot done during his daily shift.  What if we actually lose money now!  Anyway, good luck Swede!!  We are so proud of you for getting the great new job with Hersey's.  They are a lucky company.  We will miss you, but at least we're related so we will see you at Christmas!!  I have attached a picture of "The Swede"  It is by far the best seller on our sandwich menu.  Sourdough bread slathered with pesto, mayo, mustard, turkey, and swiss cheese.  Grilled to perfection and then topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion and a lovely balsamic "dizzle" as Swede always called it.   The sandwich will always be here at the Great Harvest on 55 W. Center St. in Logan, even if it's namesake has moved on.  Thanks Swede for the fun 5 years!!!


  1. After 5 years the kid deserves more than having a sandwich named after him. Maybe you should retire an apron or make a plaque or something. Bless his heart. I wish the Great Harvest down here were as nice as the Logan. It seems every time I go in I get the stink eye.

  2. Swede is a great guy. Lindi and I are going to miss him. He is more of a brother to me than a brother in law. Hopefully though he'll return. Don't worry, I'll still stop in for the Pesto even though he isn't there.

  3. Lisa you made Jone and me cry at work today. That was the nicest blog ever!! We are all going to miss our favorite Swede. I still can't believe they are moving to Dallas, it won't be the same without him. Thanks for the great message I love your blog!! Angie

  4. Lisa- what a great posting for Swede. He has been so luck to have worked for you & James & I know he has loved every minute of it and will miss you tons. Thanks for making me cry:) Swede is my baby and I am going to miss him. Hope you all are doing well. Love, Lindi

  5. Hey Amber, thanks for your concern about the fires {and for enjoying my new recipe, or at least the thought of it}. Nope, we were fine, but it sure has been crazy down here! The worst peacetime disaster Australia has experienced. We're about 10 hours away from it all safe and sound and happily baking.

    This post is beautiful and I'm really loving the bread you did before this post, I might have to try when I get some time!

  6. Lisa: Your blog is amazing! It is like reading a really great cook book, and who takes those pictures? I have been on a low carb diet for months now, and when I decide to eat something it will definitely be one of your desserts. Now about that Swede! Hey is going down to Gods country. Texas is a great place to live. Just watch out he will start to talk funny before you know it. He is going to be within three hours of Jordan and Kelsey and Creek. Hopefully, they will get together. What a wonderful tribute you gave him, I am going to make a "swede" for lunch today. Love you lisa



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