Beware of Church Basketball

Yesterday we attended my nephew Jaces' homecoming.  He served his mission in Australia and now has the best Aussie accent.  It was so fun to see the whole row of Clawson's burst into huge smiles as soon as he started his report.  Australian accents are great.  His report was amazing.  Jace was such a quiet kind of guy, but his testimony was amazing.  I am so proud of what a good missionary he was and the example he set for the rest of those Clawson grandsons.  You know there are like 3002 of them.  We only know how to make boys in the Clawson fam.  The funny thing after to report was what this post is titled.  Last Thurs. James decided to play in the Old Man church ball game.  He came home as ticked as could be and hasn't been the same since.  I think he broke a rib.  The poor guy is miserable.  He can't laugh, cough, fart..... you get the idea.  Well, his brother Andy had stitches above his left (or it could be right) eye.  He got it from playing church basketball last week too.  Needless to say, maybe church ball isn't a safe adventure.  Here are some pics Doug took from the homecoming.  We love a good photo session at a Clawson gathering.  Thanks Doug!!


  1. LISA!! I am so excited that you have a blog. Your family is darling and growing so fast. I loved your hershey kiss on the pancake comment. I am so glad you have not changed. You are one of my favoites EVER!! It will be fun to see what you are up to!!

  2. Lisa you are just Fun that is the only word that seems to fit you. FUN! No one can be around you and not be laughing and having fun. I love you to death. I am glad you have a blog too. I like to see what you are up to. I don't feel quite as far away.

    About the church ball I agree Jared got hit really good in the chin and it was soure for weeks. But it is really fun to see people try and charge him. They always end up on their back. You think you would know you aren't going to move that solid rock of a man. I always end up laughing..or trying not to laugh if they get a little hurt. By they cause it themselves you can't charge someone built like that. :) They got 2nd place though. They probably would have gotten first if they weren't playing all day and play a group of guys first game. Jared had to sit out half the game his legs were cramping so bad.



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