Magical Night

Last night was magical.  It snowed about a foot at our house yesterday, and it took a long time for the snowplow to come around.  At our house it is pretty peaceful anyway, but on a cold snowy night we are the only humans in existence I think.  James and I had to run into the bakery and I took a few pictures  of the paradise Christmas scenes.  When the star on the old barn in Paradise comes on you know that the Christmas season is here.  It is a favorite landmark.  They have a star on the North and the South side of the barn.  Everyone in Avon, and Paradise can see it.  I love it.  Also the kids are loving the snow.  Seth could live out there.  First thing he does is get his snow clothes on, and he is the last one back in the house.  It is quite nice that everyone can get their own clothes on.  I only have to zip a few zippers, and fix some goggles.  I think I've heard it said, "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"  (you know the tune, I hope you sang along :)  )


  1. Yay! You are blogging. I'll watch for more updates on your cute family! We're so excited to see you guys tomorrow evening. Happy Christmas!

  2. Thanks Katie for playing the blogging game. My first follower!!! Thanks

  3. Oh.....is that Chris Boyers Star?? I didn't notice that until I read it today!! I still think of him often and I am glad to know that his star is still shining on!!



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