What A Little Prayer Can Do

Standing at attention.

Last May my sister and I were having a conversation about gardening.  Gardening tomatoes in particular.  We were discussing how to grow the best tomatoes, and the many different secrets we've heard from gardeners over the years.  I have to admit, my neck of the woods has not achieved very good tomato results over the years.  Late frosts in June, and early frosts in Sept. aren't the best conditions for tomatoes.  I was determined this year to get a good crop of those round red beauties, and I would do whatever it took.

H, suggested that talking to, and stroking my tomato plants might do something.  I knew if I prayed hard enough for them that might work too.  We laughed about it, but I decided it was well worth a try.  I also decided to plant a few plants around the house in my flower beds.  That should give them just a little edge on the frost I thought.  Everyday there was one tomato plant that I especially stroked and loved.  It was a cute little cherry tomato right by my front door and as I walked in and out I could run my hands on it and talk a little baby loving talk to it.  J, caught me doing this a time or two, but he only smiled.  He didn't tease or taunt me, he just smiled.  Deep down inside I think he knew that all anything needs is a little sweet talking and caressing.  (He will do anything for me when I caress and sweet talk him.  Why wouldn't the tomatoes! :) 

Well it worked.   I have had the best crop of tomatoes ever.  My little cherry tomato plant that I stroked and loved, grew to be about 10 ft in diameter.  It was amazing.  Little yellow cherry tomatoes everywhere.  I loved having them there.  It was always fun to see who would stop to eat a handful.  One of our employees wives stopped one night and parked her little behind right next to the tomatoes and ate every ripe one there was.  I loved it!  It's kind of like someone stuffing an extra treat in a napkin and taking it home.  If they feel comfortable enough to eat your cherry tomatoes then they are friends indeed.   Even our stake president stopped by the other night and absently grabbed a handful while he and J were talking.  That's the best.

Even with an early frost two weeks ago, I have more tomatoes than ever before.   I have learned a good lesson this summer.  All we need in our lives is a little love, care, talking to, and prayer and the lord will bless us..........and our tomatoes:)  I know I'm going to enjoy the bounty of this last summer for months to come.  Thanks to a good momma who taught me how to bottle and preserve, and thanks to the lord for a fabulous crop this year!  


  1. You are quite the gardner. Maybe someday I will have a garden and you can teach me a few things :) What a great crop!

  2. Lisa i love your blog! Great post!

  3. A lot of little prayers and a lot of BIG work!!! Lisa, you're the best!

  4. Ok I can't wait to make the dilly rolls. I can remember your mother bringing them to a dinner party on special occasions. I had the best cookie bar in my whole life yesterday at Great Harvest. If was one that had real fruit in it and it tasted like a big bowl of homemade granola warmed with fruit. Do they ever get the recipes out? Thanks for your blog.
    Your second cous.

  5. YOu are right about praying over your crops. It works every time. I pray and bless my peaches every year. I never have to spray them. I even blessed my lawn this year and no grubs for the first time. Oh ye of little faith.
    Keep up the great work Lisa. I am proud of you.



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