Home Made Pumpkin Pie

What to do when everyone in the family wants Pumpkin Pie for Sunday dinner's desert, the pie crust is ready, but there is no can of pumpkin to be found in the inn, and it is the Sabbath and I can't go shopping today.  (Don't get me wrong.  I admit to breaking the Sabbath day a few times in my life, but it usually involved a pink Winchell's doughnut with sprinkles on top.  Remember that daddy-o!)   That was my dilemma Sunday when I realized the can I thought I had in the enormous pantry had suddenly disappeared. Luckily there was redemption.  I had recently bought 2 cute little Sugar Pie Pumpkins for decoration, and thought I must be able to use one of those little buggars.  I knew in my mind that pumpkin doesn't originally come in a can, but my heart just kept telling me it just wouldn't be the same without Libby's famous pumpkin.  

I was very wrong.  I will admit that Libby's pumpkin pie recipe is the only recipe to use.  There is no need to doctor up something that is already just absolutely perfect.  No struesel toppings, rum, eggnog, or even chocolate could make a pumpkin pie better than the plain, straight forward Libby's recipe.  Except maybe a fresh pumpkin!  (Sorry Libby's.)

It wasn't really that much harder either.  All I did was just pop the whole pumpkin into the oven for about 30 mins.   I tested to see if it was tender with a fork, brought it out, cut off the top, scooped out the guts, and peeled that little orange baby, and it was done.  One little Sugar Pumpkin gave me 4 cups of puree and that was just what I needed for 2 pies.  I didn't even have to puree the pulp.  I just put it in my mixer and stirred for a few moments and wha-la!  

J said it was the best pumpkin pie he'd ever eaten.  The color was prettier than canned pumpkin.  It was a brighter orange than the darker canned pumpkin.  I don't like nutmeg and cloves in my pumpkin pie so I only added cinnamon.  Maybe that's why I liked it so much.   I topped it with fresh whipped cream with a little bit of cinnamon in there too.  I was dreamy, and lovely, and the perfect ending to the Sabbath.  So next time you're out of pumpkin, never fear, there may be a squash near to save the day.  I think this just might be my new favorite Pumpkin Pie! It was really great for breakfast yesterday too.


  1. Lisa you are so amazing! You can create almost anything!

  2. Oh you are creative and funny! I looked at the picture and thought that it looked much lighter than normal pumpkin pie...I gotta be honest we either wouldnt have had pumpkin pie, or I would have broken the sabbath. you are Brave....so glad that it turned out delish...it looks amazing!

  3. How did canning beef go? I did 17 quarts of marinara sauce yesterday. Steve told me I've spent too much time canning this year. I told him it was your fault.

  4. OH MY your recipes look wonderful !
    I saw you on tastykitchen and I found your profile picture so nice !
    Like you I love gardening and eating what I produce !
    I keep your blog in my list and will be back soon !
    Valerie, Belgium

  5. And let's face it--driving to the store from where you live on a Sunday is well almost as hard as cooking the pumpkin.



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