These Are Some Hot Buff Chicks, Dip

Running/canning gals.
Beef ready for the steam table.
Look at that equipment. It's old and I'm amazed it still works.
Cappuccino girl. (Just teasing Jill!)

The second annual running girls Sat. outing at the Preston Cannery is always such a treat. Ok, maybe not a lovely treat, but after you get home with all your goods the time is always well spent. Our adventure started at 4:20am a few Sat's. ago as we loaded our 300 lbs. of raw chicken into the back of C's truck and off we went.

I remember the first time we pulled into the parking lot of the Preston Cannery. All it was, was a tin shed with steam rising out of it. Could this really be, I thought. I think I was expecting something a little more stainless steal shiny in appearance than this, but tin shed it was. Into the shed we go with chicken in hand, as well as beef this year. There are lots of other people there making anything from sweet and sour sauce, bean dip, tomato soup and stew. I love wandering and questioning others on what they are making. I'm sure as I leave a group after asking them 20 questions they are all looking at each other asking, "Did you know her? Who is that weird lady roaming the cannery?" but hey, I'm learning a lot, and maybe someone will let me taste something sometime:)

We can chicken each year and it is the best. I've put it is pasta salads, soups, enchiladas, but my favorite is Buffalo Chicken Dip. Delish!! One of my beloved sister-in-laws made this dip years ago for a family outing, and I've just kind of Lisa-fied it. It is dang good with celery sticks, or Stacey's Naked Pita Chips, or as a topping for Bruschetta too. This dip is the reason I got up at 3:40am last Sat. I must really love it, and I love the company I was with too. Try this dip for a Thanksgiving appetizer or other family gathering. It makes quite a bit, and easily stores in a container in the fridge. When you want some all you have to do is put some on a plate and microwave for 2 mins. It's that easy.

Enjoy and thanks again running buddies for the fun time canning our chicken bosoms, hot chocolate (cappuccino for Jill), and laughs! I love it when we laugh so hard Kerry cries!

These Are Some Hot Buff Chicks, Dip

1 large can chicken breast or 2 bosoms chopped or 1 small rotisserie chicken
2 8 oz bricks cream cheese
1 c. Franks Hot Wing sauce
1 c. ranch dressing, or mayo, or sour cream (whatever you've got)
1 c. or more crumbled blue cheese
1/8 c. sugar (totally optional)
Mix all the ingredients together in your mixer. The chicken gets completely pulverized. It turns pretty dang smooth. Place the mixture in a large baking dish. I use a deeeeeeep dish pie plate

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  1. I went with Nat and Colette a few years ago to can chicken. It is the coldest, ickiest job. I think I sat in the tub for an hour after trying to just get my toes back :) But you are right, once you have all the goods, it is well worth it! I never actually got the goods. I did it for my mother, but she shared a few :)



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