Pickled Beets and Maybe A Tear Or Two

I have spent the last two days bottling pickled beets.  Now this may seem like a lot of time to do 21 quarts of pickled beets, but there was a lot of other things in between.  How about the picking of the beets in the stickiest mud ever.  I sliced my finger off almost and was covered in mud head to toe.  Then there was the washing of said beets.  All the while there were 2 gallons of raspberries I picked, 2 piano lessons, and one very nasty Suzuki Violin lesson that needed to be attended to by me, and of all the nerve, I was to take notes too.  I boycotted the violin lesson.  I told the teacher I had errands to run that were very important and couldn't be delayed, and then I drove to the nearest McDonald's and sat in my car catching up on all the wonderful recipes online on my laptop.  It was 45 minutes of per indulgence.  I may go to hell for it, but dang it, it was worth it.

Today has been the cooking and pickling of beets day, with a few tears shed between bottles.  I love to can with a good movie playing on my computer, and today I chose Little Women.  I don't know.  I may have just needed a good cry session, but the beets are such a pretty color, and Little Women is just so......full of feminine emotions I cried the whole last 20 mins.   Maybe it's the fact that I'm going to make a lovely green salad with homemade tomatoes, cukes and pickled beets and slather the whole thing with homemade Blue Cheese salad dressing that makes me a bit weepy.  In a good way though.  I love pickled beets.  I remember eating a whole bottle by myself when I was little and then wondering if I was dying later (if you know what I mean).  My mom made delicious pickled beets, and she taught me.  Thanks mother!  They're really easy, and a treat to have.  They also look very pretty next to your bottled peaches in your fruit room in the basement:) I'm going to take some to Hollie next time I visit.  She loves too.  I'm sure you will also. 

Spiced Pickled Beets

Beets (leaves cut off and scrubbed squeaky clean.  Don't cut into the beet until they are ready to go in the bottle or their color will bleed out.  Just cut off most of the leaves leaving a short butched flat top of stems.)

Place the clean beets into a large pot and cover almost completely with water.  Bring to a boil and let boil for about 30 mins.  I actually boil them longer.  More like 45 just to make sure the skins will come right off.  Reserve the cooking liquid and cut the tops and bottom of the beets off.  The skin should just peel right off.  Cut beets into desired size and place in quart bottle.  I like them in big chunks, but do whatever you like.  When your bottle is full cover with the next mixture.

Beet Liquid

10 c. reserved beet water
2 c. vinegar
2 c. sugar
1 T. cinnamon
1 t. ginger

Pour this liquid over the beets until covered.  Remove all air bubbles and seal with clean lids and bands.  Cook in a hot water bath for 40 mins. for quarts.  Serve cold out of the bottle, warmed on the stove, or sliced in a lovely green salad with Blue Cheese dressing.

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  1. I am canning peaches today and now wish I had beets so they could look that pretty next to each other. Did you know that you were the first person to teach me how to can?




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