It's The 4th of July!

Bubble blowing contest!

Jed the bubble boy.
Kettle Corn...I will figure it out!

The Garner side of the family.  Love you guys!!


Breakfast.   Breakfast casserole recipe here.  

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa C.

Lisa and Jenny
You should see them from behind!
Handsome red head.
Andy and Kristy dinner.

Happy 4th of July.  Just thought I'd share a few photos of the festivities.  The 4th of July is always spent with the Clawson's, and Rodney doesn't take that very well. We did run into a few of the Garner relatives to round out our weekend though.  Good to see you Jill and Dan, and Matt and Emmi!!   Hey, did you know that I love Kettle Corn!  I bought some today at the parade and gosh dang it I'm going to figure out how to make it.  Look for the post soon.  I'll get right to it!!  So all you Garner's out there.......Happy 4th and I love your guts too!!


  1. Lisa,
    Looks like a dang fun, exhausting time, just like you said. I like the T-shirts, very cute. Love you guys!

  2. Your blog posts are so much fun to read. It is like opening the paper and finding that your favorite columnist has published again. You write with total Lisa voice too so I feel like I got a little visit in with you. Fred is dying to see the new barn, and I'm just dying to see you guys and maybe pick some huckleberries. Do you make your own pasta sauce and can it? Can we come for a visit? Audrey

  3. How in the world do you get away with posting a picture like that???

    I love reading your funny stories.

    Do you suppose you could share some canning tips on here for those of us who are less domesticated than you?

  4. Okay...although I know non of those guys in the picture...I just LOVE the apron pose! So hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

    What a fun 4th, it looks like you had! The parades are so worth enduring because I know that the barbeque is just around the corner! It is by far my favorite holiday of the year!

    Thanks for blogging the Lisa style----LOVE IT!



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