The One Eyed 80 Year Old

Yesterday was a lovely day for us.  We had a baby blessing in Ogden for my brother's new son Andrew.  The meeting was good, I got to sit with James actually, and of course the food was delish after.  The funny thing was my granny.  I have more funny stories to tell about her than anyone else in the whole world combined (actually Hollie comes in at a close second).  While we were eating lunch grams asked if her eye was leaking.  Grams had cateract surgery last week in her right eye and now has a slight infection in it.  It was leaking a bit, but I didn't realize she couldn't see out of it at all.  My granny is a very mobile 80 year old and a very good driver I might add, but I was a bit nervous about her driving yesterday.  We had the rainstorm of all rainstorms.  I'm talking buckets of water in a very short amount of time.  I told her I didn't think her driving was a good idea under the circumstances.  She laughed and said, "Well at least one eye works!"  So how about that.   A one eyed 80 year old woman driving home at dusk in a downpour.  I hope she's still alive.........I better call.   I love you Grams!

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  1. Oh hell. I knew she had surgery but I didn't know she was blind in that eye now! Poor Grams.



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