Happy Birthday King Kamehameha!

(How many 60 year olds can do this!)

Well if you live on the island of Hawaii, today is a special state holiday.  It is King Kamehameha Day.  King Kamehameha was the ruler of the Hawaiian islands who united them all and brought peace to the area.  Until he came along, the different islanders fought against each other and were not a very harmonious people. If you are a Garner we have our own King Kamehameha. Our daddy-o and King Kamehameha share the same day.  June 11th!  

Our family's second trip to Hawaii was for my senior trip, way to long ago.  We left right after I graduated from high school, and headed to the islands.  It was an amazing trip as all trips to Hawaii are.  We soon found out that the state holiday fell right on our dad's birthday.  What a coincidence.  The whole state of Hawaii was celebrating our King Kamehameha.  The funny part to this story is the gift my dad received from Grandma Roberts!  She always came along on our family trips and of course made them very memorable. She bought him a bright blue size Large swimsuit.   Every Christmas, birthday, and Father's Day my dad has tried to instill in his loved ones that he is a MEDIUM.  Not large, but MEDIUM!  You'd think we'd get it.  My mom has had to take back 20 shirts every Christmas because they are larges.  One day we'll get it right. Graciously my dad wore that size Large swimsuit and cinched up the drawstring as tight as he could.  

That day we were at a beach with the biggest wave I've ever dared be in.  They were so big we just swam out past where they were breaking and just squealled as we bobbed up and down so high.  My mom and Grandma and Aunt Jill were all on the beach watching as my dad caught a wave in.  My dad is an awesome body surfer and he rode that wave in with ease.  That was until it broke right on the shore.  The next thing we knew there was a very tan man with a really white bottom rolling up the beach with a brand new blue swimsuit down around his ankles.  He stood up and did the "where'd it go twirl" on the beach, and finally realizing it was just down a bit he bent over and mooned the entire beach.  I think those who were bobbing in the water and saw the "sun" may be scarred for life.  I get the giggles just remembering this trip!   Needless to say my dad truly is a medium.  I'm talking shirt and short size!  Nothing else you dirty minded people. :)

I love you dad and I hope you have a great birthday.  You have filled our lives with priceless memories and joys!  Thanks for all the ball games, f words, and emotional daughter days you've put up with.  You've taught us to love life, and those around us, how to succeed, given us tons of self esteem, and taught us to learn from the pitfalls that come along in life too!!  You're the best dad I've ever had!  Happy Birthday King Kamehameha!


  1. Lisa-
    I am loving the daily blogs. For whatever reason, they brighten my day. I read your stories like a small child listens to a mother tell a stroty.
    PS I made the Salted Nut Roll cookie pan last night with Karen. We put it in the fridge for tonights party. I'm positive they will be wonderful! Nothing you do is anything but. THANKS!

  2. I just happened upon your blog when looking at Angie Wolthuis' (friend and neighbor). Okay, I love that you post recipes!! And that one Salted Nut Roll Cookie recipe you can bet I'll be making for Father's Day! :) Hope you don't mind!



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