The First For the Last

What do you do when your last child loses his first tooth?  Of course you blog about it:)  Congratulations Stinky Pete!! (You should have smelled this kid this morning.)  He was awesome about loosing his tooth.  Just eating a hamburger and he asked James if his tooth was loose, and wha-la!  It was out!  My baby is growing up.  There's always got to be a last child I'm told, but still that doesn't make me thrilled.  I don't miss diapers, or all nighters or chapped nipples, but I'm going to miss stinky little boys, and rock collections in my window, and lovely bouquets of dandelions, and squeaky violins !!  I've only got 5  more years with Jed...Oh hell I'm crying now, so I hope you enjoy the cute 6 year old toothless smile:)


  1. You never know who might show up for pancakes.

  2. Lisa! I love reading your blog, it is full of your great personality and makes me feel like I am talking to you. I don't like thinking about my boys growing up either, Five and Ben are so much fun right now. Did James tell you that I called him the other day? You are suppose to add Fred as a friend on facebook, I'm not on there, but he is. Becca and I have a food blog together though, it is www.sharingmeals.blogspot.com
    I love how you tell stories behind your recipes, maybe I'll start that too, there is always a story to tell. We love and miss you guys and will call you when we head up to Cache Valley.

  3. oh and p.s. can i be one of your kindred spirits and pick berries at the secret location? you know i'd make the drive. we've picked up in the tetons before, huckleberries and thimble berries. my mouth is watering...

  4. Really?! Way to go Seth!

    And I agree. They grow up so fast. After bringing Nathan home, I can't believe how big and grown-up Jake is (where did the time go?)!



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