Eat Your Heart Out January!

I hate January.  Every year at this time as I'm taking photos of all the lovely lovelies that are in bloom, and crisp, and green,  I think to myself that I am really going to miss all these colors come January.  Don't get me wrong.  January has a...........beautiful bleakness about it, but it could never compare to May!!  My mom and dad have been in Hawaii for the last 16 days, and you know, Avon in May is right up there with the Big Island!  I'd have a rough time leaving my cute little abode in May.   Now Hawaii, in say Jan. is perfect!!  I'm there for sure.   So here are the beauties of the evening, and Emma, and McKenna too.  Just kidding!!  Emma and McKenna are the beauties, as well as all my boys!  The girls picked these pretty little wildflowers on their evening bike ride up the canyon.   Aren't they the cutest flower girls, and boys.  (Don't tell Jed or James you saw these pictures.) Enjoy the sites, and smiles of Avon.  I think I need to go make a treat to eat while I watch the grass grow on my porch:)


  1. Great pics Lisa! The Avon flowers really compliment the family.

  2. So . . . I was just scrolling throught your cute pictures with Jake sitting on my lap, and he said, "Emma! See it?"

    Too cute! Emma - my little boy loves you!



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