Jello Yum Frosting!

I learned this really great song when I was in 3rd grade.  It's called the Jello Song and you sing it in a round.  "Oh, the big red letters stand for the Jello family............"  I've taught it to every girl who I have ever been with, or taken to girls camp.  I've been a total of 14 years of my life to girls camp.  (That's amazing don't you think!)  And I also believe this is the one virtue that made James' mother like me.  She absolutely LOVES this Jello Song.  I taught James' fam the song the summer we were dating, and the rest is history:)

I'll sing it for you sometime if you come to visit me.  Remember.........I'm on the way to Bear Lake, or Jackson Hole and I love visitors.   But speaking of Jello, this is a fun recipe.  Again it's another great Pinterest find, and it worked perfectly for Jane Babe's birthday cupcakes.  Yup!  She's 1.  I can't believe it either.
Cupcakes for this beautiful little girls 1st birthday!   Jane!!

You can make the frosting in any color or flavor of Jello you wish, and it sure swirls up well on cupcakes.  My kids have bragged to their friends about my "twirling" talent.  I can twirl the biggest yogurt cone at the gas station that you've ever seen.  I was born to work at Dairy Queen, or just to make 3 billion cupcakes which it seems I do on a regular basis at the bakery.  So bake you up some cake, buy some cute little sprinkles, and make a cute treat.  They don't keep well, so make the frosting shortly before you need the cupcakes, and enjoy the Jello Yum Frosting!

*Disclaimer- this is not the tastiest frosting in the world.  If you like marshmallows, then you'll enjoy this frosting, BUT it is the cutest frosting on the planet.  So if you're serving a whole bunch of little kids..........this is the frosting for you.  Fun, light and fluffy.  If you're serving a bunch of food snobs (like what I have at my house.)  Make a delicious cream cheese frosting:)

Jello Yum Frosting
recipe courtesy of Coleen's Recipes

3 ounce pkg. of Jello (favorite flavor)
2/3 cup granulated sugar
1 egg white
1 teaspoon vanilla

Place the above ingredients in a large GLASS OR METAL mixing bowl (OF A STAND MIXER). Turn the mixer on high just as you add ½ cup of boiling water. Whip on high for five minutes and you will get a thick marshmallow-y mass of delicious frosting.  Actually it's not the most tasty frosting, but it is super cute and fun!  Eat the day it's made.  It will start to turn to sugar and weep after 5 or 6 hours.

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