We just had the best Sunday for a long time.  Sunday morning at 9am sharp the entire Clawson extended family and a lot of Garner extended family descended on the Paradise chapel to help out in giving our little Jane a name and a blessing.  For those of you who aren't Mormon let me give you a little run down.  When a child is born, sometime during their first few months of life they are given a special blessing by a worthy priesthood bearer (Jimmy doing the honors for Jane) and also pronouncing their name to be recorded down for all posterity:)  It's a wonderful blessing actually that a father or grandfather gives the new babe.  It gives them a good start.  Blessing of health, happiness, love, and doing good throughout the baby's life are usually what are asked for.  James also thanked the Lord for sending Jane to our family.  It was short and sweet and Jane was surrounded by so many handsome men during the blessing.  I believe there were 12-15 striking men who helped out.

Beautiful setting, beautiful day for a beautiful little girl.
When my dad sat down after the blessing he leaned over to me and commented on Jane during the blessing.  The sweet little girl was being held up by all these men with the biggest smile on her face.  My dad said she looked as if she was ready to burst into laughter.   She seemed completely aware of what was going on and was basking in the blessing and love she was feeling.  For those of you who know, a lot of times the baby is sleeping or fussy, but not Jane!  She enjoyed every minute of the blessing and seemed truly happy to be apart of this world.  Her smile was the talk of the day.

Isn't that smile contagious?
I am smitten with this child.  I have been with all of them, but Jane is such a little ray of sunshine in our family at this stage of our lives.   I love watching the older kids love her.  Jed is not a love-y type kid, but when it comes to Jane he melts.  All the others love her immensely as well.  And best of all, I love watching James with one of his babies.  He is so fun to watch as he  coos and snuggles, and talks to a sweet baby.  Jane adores James and her eyes light up when he talks to her.

So I guess I just feel blessed.  Blessed to have Jane and the family I do.  The day was beautiful, the weather couldn't have been nicer, and the food.  Well let's just say I could live on Susan's Mint Brownies every day of my life!  They really made the day perfect:)  Blessing were abundant and I am truly thankful.


  1. If I need to earn my way into family events by bringing choco mint brownies then so be it! It was a joy to be a part of such a special day. Thanks for having us!

  2. This was such a special occasion. What a perfect day in every way. I have the best family ever, including all the in laws and grandma.

    I love you all,
    Grandma G.

  3. She is adorable...and you look pretty fabulous yourself! Must try the brownie recipe. I am always looking for the perfect m.c.b.



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