Hum Hum Hum Hummus! Yum!

It didn't even make it to a serving bowl.  We ate it straight from the buzzer!
My first introduction to hummus was a few years ago when our family won the Cooking With Your Kids Contest with the Food Network.  One of the nights we were in NYC we were able to prepare dinner with all 4 of the  families who won, and Emeril.  Each family had a station in the Food Network kitchen and made a different component of the dinner.  Our family made a dessert of Frozen Chocolate Dipped Bananas rolled in all sorts of good thing, and fresh Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.  The Chocolate Dipped Strawberries were one of Emeril's daughters favorite things to eat.  He was so kind and good with the kids.  He made each kid there feel like he loved their guts.  Nice guy.  Well one of the other families made a homemade Hummus dip that we dipped pita chips and fresh veggies in.  It was surprisingly yummy!  I had never been interested in it, but now I was intrigued.

We went home from the vacation with loads of recipes, and treats, and the Hummus recipe became a favorite.  A few days ago I came across a recipe highlighted on the Tasty Kitchen blog.  It was a homemade hummus that incorporated fresh spinach in it and it looked so pretty.  Since I just happened to have all the ingredients on hand (my pantry stock is getting ridiculous!  I usually have just about every weird ingredient you could ever imagine.) I decided to make it.

It was the perfect pre meal snack before Sunday dinner.   And the good thing is, it will last a while in the fridge.  I love dipping Stacey's Just Naked Pita Chips.  Emma likes tortillas chips.  Veggies are great too.  It's actually really healthy and a great alternative to creamy chip dips.

Spinach Feta Hummus

30 ounces, weight Garbanzo Beans Drained
1-½ cup Fresh Spinach
8 ounces, weight Feta Cheese (I used Goat cheese)
⅓ cups Olive Oil
5 Tablespoons Lemon Juice
4 Tablespoons Tahini (this is sesame seed paste)
2 Tablespoons Red Pepper Flakes (I used Sambal chili sauce 2t.)
2 cloves Garlic, Peeled
2 teaspoons Salt
1/4 c. sugar
Preparation Instructions
Combine the garbanzo beans, spinach, olive oil, lemon juice and tahini in a large food processor. Pulse until combined. Add the feta, red pepper flakes, garlic and salt. Pulse until combined. Taste and add salt or more red pepper flakes if desired.

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