Chicken Ceasar Salad Sandwiches

I love Caesar Salad!  Do you?  I have an obsession with this tasty treat.  Everywhere I go I search it out and I have a few personal favorites.  I love the Baby Cesar Salad at The Elements restaurant in Logan.  It is delicious.  You have to use a fork and a knife, but heck it is wonderful.  Maybe it's the addition of a few little cherry tomatoes.  It doesn't matter what time of year it is, those tomatoes always taste like they are from a Sept. garden.    My all time favorite though is the Blue Caesar Salad at Pesto's restaurant on the Big Island.  A big fat Caesar salad comes out, topped with Blue Cheese and lots of Pansy petals, and Orchids.  You don't eat the flowers, but they sure look pretty.  It's just so darn good.  

Years ago I encountered the inspiration for the recipe I'm posting today.  We were in Maui and  Bubba Gumps was the new restaurant in town.  We decided to try it for lunch, and I was smitten.  They had a Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich that was lovely.  A long toasted roll chuck full of fresh Caesar Salad and grilled chicken breast.  Ever since that day I make this sandwich at home.  It is actually a really fast meal to prepare if you are organized.  I love to buy the big long baguettes from Sam's and serve the sandwich on this.  Don't get crusty bread because it makes it too hard to eat.  My kids will even eat it, and when I serve it at a gathering I get tons of requests for recipes.  It's easy, and will be perfect this Summer.  You'll become a fan too I'm sure!

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwiches

Long hoagie rolls or long baguettes
garlic salt

Take the hoagie rolls and slice them in half.  Try not to cut all the way through.  It makes it easier to fill the sandwich, but if you do it's OK.  Spread a thin layer of butter and a sprinkling of garlic salt on both sides of the loaf.  Turn your broiler on and toast the bread until brown.  Top with Caesar Salad.

Romaine lettuce
your favorite Caesar dressing  (I've made homemade, but then you have a half used can of anchovies leftover and the Lighthouse brand is tasty.)
grated Parmesan Cheese
halved cherry tomatoes
Sliced grilled chicken breast

Stir everything together right before serving and top the hot toasted rolls with the salad.  You're going to love this!!


  1. Oooh...we will be trying these soon! Thanks for sharing...and making me want to go on a vacation. NOW.

  2. YUM!!! Lisa! I love your blog! I have found so many yummy recipes! It is so fun to be a part of your life again!! It has been way toooo long! Lots of love,
    Heidi Gubler Petersen

  3. I forgot about these! They'll be on the menu soon!



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