The bathing beauty. My camera got wet this day, therefore the extra "soft" focus.

This is the keyword that was yelled from anywhere on a lake when one of my sibling or I had a fish on our fishing lines. It didn't matter is it was a big fat Brook Trout or a Sardine sized cast back. It was yelled out, and yelled out as loud as you could. We'd all go running to see what Josh, or maybe Marc caught. It was always a treat when Tuna was yelled. Maybe it's the fact that I don't think I actually ever yelled it in response to an actual fish on my line. I may have cried "wolf" a few times though. My dad always came up with something funny to say on these family outings. You should ask my brother Marc about the "double humpy with a blond wig". That's the code word for some kind of Salmon I'm told. I think it may just be the punch line for a nasty little joke.  

I had to write about Tuna since that's what J and I have been eating every afternoon for the past week. A beautiful week I may add in Kona............just the two of us, some good books, a large bottle of sunscreen, runs along the beach every morning and Tuna sandwiches for lunch. Yummy! It's what my Aunt Jone calls her Ironman training. You do all of these things everyday, plus add a nap or two and a dip in the pool and repeat. You'll be ready for the Ironman in no time:) I wanted to see if anyone else in this little world of our likes Tuna sandwiches the way I do. I love them with sweet pickles and of all things Doritos on top. Doritos you may ask. Heck ya!

I have a very dear friend Terri who had the stinkiest socks in gym at good old NOJH. By about Weds., she'd pull them out of her locker and we'd smell. They were a little crusty and they smelled of Nacho Cheese Doritos. I was amazed. I didn't have this talent. I never had Doritos socks like Terri. I tried, but I never did. You'd think with Terri's socks and all, I wouldn't like Doritos but I do. Only on Tuna sandwiches though. James thinks it gross. He watched my brother in law chum fish with Doritos years ago and won't touch the things. He's missing out I tell you.

So my Tuna sandwich goes like this:

Tuna (The white kind is best. Thanks Aunt Jone for leaving me plenty of this in the condo!)
Mayo (Miracle Whip is ok as well.)
Mustard (Just a squeeze.)
Dill Weed
Salt and Pepper

Spread the mixture on a roll. Take it to the beach and top it with Bread and Butter Stackers, and a big helping of Doritos. Crunch to your hearts content. I couldn't have thought of anything better for a beach side picnic..........except James, but that story is private and I'll keep it to myself:)


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  2. You are such a kinky gal!! I am glad that you had fun at the beach with your James. I was just having a tuna sandwich the other day. I haven't done that in a while. As a child I lived on Tuna sandwiches. I was know to often tell my mother when it was time for dinner... "I'll just have a tuna sandwich". Oh, what a precious child I must have been. Anyway, back to my sandwich. Just mayo and opened faced on a piece of wheat bread. My thing with the tuna sandwich is.... a glass of milk. Got to have a glass of milk with it. I ate that this week and I was reminded how much I love love love it. Guess that I need to say more often.... "I'll just have a tuna sandwich". Oh, and in Kona would be FABULOUS with Paul on the beach.... but that would be a private story....ha ha wink wink:)

  3. I haven't thought about Dorito socks in years! It must have had something to do with the gym locker. Oh the memories! I still love Doritos, too. Miss you and love your guts.



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