Lake Powell

We have had many a person ask where our third child got his red hair.  Well if you notice from the pictures of our recent adventures to Lake Powell, #3's hair color resembles the red rocks in those lovely canyons.  Let's just say our last visit to Lake Powell was 10 years ago, and #3 just happens to be 9 years.  You do the math:)

We had a wonderful couple of days exploring the canyons of Lake Powell.  It is such a great place, but I will say it's a bit intimidating when you are doing for the first time on your own.  We've been quite a few times in our lives J and I, but never just us with our little fam.  We bought the boat last year, but I'm afraid I had read a book that deterred me from Lake Powell last summer.  The crazy thing was they were selling that same book this year in the gift shops.  Obviously the shop keepers had never read the book or they wouldn't be selling it there.  It is called Wet Desert (click here for a link to the book) and it is about an eco-terrorist who blows up the Glen Canyon Dam thereby draining Lake Powell.  Tons of boaters get stranded, and some even die.  There is more tragedy down river in the Grand Canyon and all the way to Mexico.  It was a great book.  The kind you don't want to put down, but you certainly don't want to go to Lake Powell either after you've read it.  I was over the book I thought.  It has been a year, but I tell you.....I kept checking the water levels:)

We did a lot of exploring, family swims, cliff jumping, skiing, lizard catching, and eating good old camping food.  I'm posting a new favorite one pot meal that we ate on our last night.  We've eaten it a few times this summer since I've had an ample supply of cabbage.   It's really easy, and doesn't take much time.  It's a perfect Lake Powell dinner, or just a Tues. night quickie.  Sometimes we need those.  In fact I could use more of these ideas.  

Sausage Pot

1 pkg. Kielbasa Sausage (the sausage that looks like a horseshoe in the hot dog aisle)
Cut into bit size chunks
1 largeish onion chopped roughly
3-4 carrots chopped into big chunks
3-4 potatoes chopped into big chunks
1 head cabbage wedged

Place all ingredients except for the cabbage in a pot and cover with the lid.  Cook over medium heat about 20-25 mins.  The last 15 minutes add the cabbage over the top and let cook for another 10 mins. until the cabbage is steamed.   You may need to add some salt and pepper, but the sausage usually seasons the veggies just fine.  There is no water in this recipe.  If you cook it slow enough, the veggies will sweat enough and create enough juice.  Watch carefully at first so the veggies don't burn.  We ate this with a big old watermelon.  It was tasty!


  1. That looks like a ton of fun! I have never been there before...hopefully someday. Let me know if you find a Great Harvest! I am due for a good cookie :0)

  2. Lake Powell is still our families favorite vacation even after my husband wrote WET DESERT. I'm so glad that you liked Gary's book but understand the apprehension of going to Powell after you read it. It's kind of like the first time I saw "JAWS" I didn't want to ever get back in the ocean! Thanks for the good word. And by the way, I LOVE that picture of Pres. Hinckley.

  3. I'm so jealous - what a fun vacation!

    P.S. The caterpillar soup? Gross! And I've done it before too - so sad!

  4. Oh how I love that place. I do believe it may be one of my all-time favorite vacation spots. Unfortunatly, we didn't make it there this year. Maybe next year! And if we do, that one pot dinner will be on the menu! It sounds so yummy! Thanks for sharing all the yummy recipes! You're the best!

  5. Hey this little recipe is just what I needed for tonight,which just happens to be a tuesday!! This is my very most favorite site Lisa! I love the pics, stories, yummy recipes, and yes-EVERYTHING!
    Just a comment to add on the pic of my dear brother James...as I was copying down a recipe the little 2 yr old "twinners" who often accompany me pretty much- everywhere, exclaimed, in near perfect unison I might add, AAAHHH HE'S NAKED!!!! Ha ha...they will forever carry this image in their little minds of beloved uncle James!

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  7. Hell, I didn't know you could get red hair from a rock.



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