Super Fast Sunday

This morning at 7:25 am I am laying in bed thinking I really needed to get going for church. Soon I hear little flip flop feet walking into my room and there is Seth peering over the top of my really tall bed completely ready for church.  He looked as handsome as can be.  Now this is not typical since Seth's favorite choice of clothing is PJ bottoms and no shirt every minute of the day if he could.  I just looked at him astonished, told him he looked so handsome and how come he was all ready for church.  His response was priceless.

"Mom don't you remember what you told the kids last night? You said it was a "fast" Sunday not a slow Sunday, and I didn't want to be slow today so I got ready really fast.  All you have to do for me is comb my hair."  What a kid.  I love his stinkin' little guts!


  1. Lisa,
    I just found your blog from Emily Ballard's. I've spent way too long reading it. What a sweet little Seth!! That is too cute.

    I can't wait to make some of your recipes. I'm not much of a cook but I love sweets. It's just difficult with three little kids.

    Does that little gadget from Kitchen Kneads really make great kettle corn? I may have to go buy one, I love kettle corn.

    I have a blog also, it's private so if you're interested, send me an email tannagrunig@yahoo

    I hope you don't mind if I check back for more great recipes. I love that you have a story behind everything.

    Have you ever looked at blurb.com for their Booksmart software to make your blob into a book?

  2. Lisa there is a reason if I am allowed a favorite nephew it would be Seth! I love that kid!

  3. That is so cute!! I'll bet it ended up being a really LONG Sunday for him. I have discovered something that makes fast Sunday an extra challenge for me. I sing sing sing on Sundays.... Opening exercises~2 sharing times ~2 nurseries. The whole.... no drinks of water makes me sing so special by the end. I just hang in there and know the Lord would understand if I had a drink. I choose not though... I am opting for an extra boost to what I am fasting for!!! Great post!!

  4. Oh, I love that! What a cute little kid he is!

  5. What a cute little stinker! I love it when I don't have to ask the kids 50 times to get dressed. I may finally have Ty trained not to come up until he is ready for school! So good to see you today! You looked so cute!



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