Garner Family Reunion

Lizzy the mermaid

Spencer on the newest additon.  Airchair!

Our favorite new addition.  Jessica!

What a fun grandpa!  

Lovely girls!

What a fantastic weekend we had with the Garner's.  Every 24th of July weekend we head up to Bear Naked Lake with my fam and everyone comes.  Hollie comes from the land up north and Marc and Suz even come.  It is dang fun.  We always enjoy every minute.  We got a new addition to our family this year.  Well it is unofficially official.  Jessica "soon to be Garner".  I have to take full credit for this match up.  Jess worked for us at the bakery and when Eric returned home from his mission I told him I wanted him to meet this cute girl.  Well the rest is history.  They've dated, she's been on a mission, and now the next step is marriage.  They'll do great together.  

Of course the food is always a main attraction at the reunion, and nothing disappointed us.  I love you all and thanks for the great weekend.  Ma and Pa you're the best!  Thanks for all the shakes too!  I'm posting the recipe for Guacamole.  We make it a little more on the salsa side.  Lot's of tomatoes, and cilantro.  It made a great burger!  
Pioneer Guacamole

Avacadoes cut and in chuncks.  I don't like it smooth.
red onion
jalepeno without seeds
lime juice
salt and pepper

Cut up everything and keep it chunky.  Place on your favorite burger, sandwich, tortilla soup, or just naked with chips.  Takes you to Mexico without the swine flu:)


  1. Looks like a fun vacation . . . and it's true? Are they truly engaged? Hooray!!!! I love Jess (and Eric) - they'll be perfect together!

  2. Lisa -
    My sweet aunt gave me a super easy kettle korn recipe and I immed. thought of you! Do you have a whirly pop? Let me know - ity turned out pretty simple and VERY yummy!

  3. I love your blog and your recipes !
    Be sure I'll be back soon ! :)



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