Camping With Clawson's

We did a little bit of Huckleberry picking.  Jed only picked that one Huckleberry:)
Lots of fun and games with the cousins.
Another great use for Homemade Marshmallows!
Everything tastes better outside.
Clawson kids.
Cute girl cousins:)
Breakfast burritos are a new favorite camping meal.
Holy cow an actual pic of me.  Most family vacation photos don't include me.  I really have attended them all you just don't see me.  The price I pay to be the official photographer.

What a great week we had with the Clawson's.  We made our annual pilgrimage to our super duper campground for the Clawson camping trip.  Every day is spent riding bikes with cousins, swimming and boating at Bear Naked Lake, and eating wonderful camp food.  I have to admit though that I wasn't real social.  I had a nap or two and read a book or two too.  It was lovely, and the weather was just as lovely.  I think the night we left though the Clawson's that were left had quite an eventful evening of lightning and such. 

Thanks to ma and pa Clawson for arranging the whole adventure.  This trip ranks right up there with Christmas and the 4th of July for my kids.  We loved it.  

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  1. We loved it too! all except for when the camp host filled his "depends" when I ask the two workers to quit mowing the "rocks" around us,and wait until our time was up before they moved in on us!! love all the words and photos Lisa...Mom C.



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