Where Are You Josh? We Miss You!

James learned a lot at his ski class.

Happy kids in camp catching tadpoles.

Emma vs. the burning hot marshmallow.  She didn't win.

Jackson Lake Enchiladas.

Cousins just happy to be together.

Jed can fly.

Even chubby gals can ski!

Jake the rock collector.

Cute camp girls ready to boat.

The view from our campsite.  You can see the boat in the cove.
Happy James!
This years family photo.
No bears to be seen yet.  We are having a blast except for the man eating mosquitoes!  We wish you were all here.  Can you believe I am sitting in my boat in the middle of Jackson Lake in Teton National Park and I can update my blog.  Life is good.  Here are just a few photos so far.  The only casualty yet is Emma's hand.  She tried to grab her homemade marshmallow as it was slipping off of the roasting stick.  So I am now posting a warning to the marshmallow recipe.  They are exceedingly hot when being roasted.  And I would personally like to give a big huge thank you to Hollie's friend Sonja.  She created the recipe for the lovely enchiladas we ate last night for dinner. They are great made ahead of time and placed in a dutch oven.  I'll provide the recipe when we get home.  #1 camping food.  We miss you all and wish you were here.  Love, James and Lisa


  1. Gosh, does that ever look like fun! Wish we were there with you! Are you doing eclaires this year? I hope so. No trip is complete without them!

  2. Don't you worry. We wish we were there too!

  3. Lisa-
    I so look forward to each of your blogs! Thank you for posting in the middle of a lake on a family camping trip!
    PS - lets maybe do dougnuts next saturday??:~)

  4. Luck you! I need a family vacation!! You guys are always out having such a great time! Hope you see a bear! (from a distance)

  5. What I can't believe is you're out there on the lake, updating your blog, and showing the rest of us how much fun you're having. Talk about rude! Be careful guys, and tell Emma to switch back to normal marshmallows. That burn looks nasty!

    Dave (you know..the one who lives in that old drafty hotel?)



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