It's What Fun Is

All of the kids.  

James is generous when we go to Lagoon.  I would never spend the extra to drive these cars, but Dad always does.  He's the best!
Seth loves to get wet on Rattlesnake Rapids.

Smiles before Wicked.  They were even bigger smiles after.

I am feeling a bit blue.  I had a hard time running this morning and as soon as I got home James took off for the Priest's High Adventure activity for a few days.  I hate it when he is gone.  It is the one time I just can't shake that feeling of sadness.  I must really like him.  Anyways, I figured these wee early hours before anyone else is up is a great time to get caught up on the blogging. Summertime is the best and we have crammed a ton of fun into our slim few weeks of summer.  

Lagoon has become a tradition with us over the last few years.  My friend Tricia always hooks us up with some great Lagoon deals and off we go for some serious fun.  Usually it is just 3 mom's and a ton of kids, but this year we were going for the polygamist look.  So off we headed, 1 dad (that would have been James), 3 moms (me, Erin and Tricia), and a boatload of kids, for the annual Lagoon day.  

When I was a kid, my parent's would take us to Lagoon, and then set us loose.  We'd meet back at a certain time, but I don't remember my mom or dad ever riding a ride.  Not us.  We three muther's are dragging the kids on everything.  Usually it involves a few tears, and some serious bribing, but we get the kids to do it all.  Even the littlest ones are troopers.  We usually stay together the whole day and have such a great time.  Thanks again Tricia for the good deal on tickets, and Foster's for the super fun day.  I look forward to it every year!


  1. All I remember of mom, dad, and lagoon was the once a year we'd eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, and that mom made me ride all the kiddy rides with Eric.

    Do you guys stay 'til dark?

  2. Oh - I'm jealous! That looks like so much fun! When I was little, my parents called me 'Lagoon Girl.' Yeah, that's how much I loved it. And I still do (although my body doesn't hold up as well as it used to - last summer Jason and I only made it 3 hours before we were both sick to our stomachs). Alas, the sadness of old age . . .

  3. fun! and that chowdah recipe looks divine. cant wait to try it, you have the best recipes lisa.

    i am with you on the blue church summer blah's. i am always okay the first day or so and then i get so sad without him. i just started going to girls camp with him, i would get so lonely. scotty just got back from teachers camp and only has youth conference left, summer is almost over! hang in there.

  4. I am sure the poligamy pic would have been better if the boys were all wearing blue pants, and girls with long braids :)
    We buy season passes - you should look into it next year. Then we don't have to stay ALL day, we go whenever we want!



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